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May 11, 2006
Bottomless Sea

My bone marrow and script imperial hard like a narrow strip
Of material, lame art is the main part of whackness so many slip
Anoint heads and wreck hype like joints this connect pipes bot on farms
Collect ripe oranges squeeze make OJ but no way am I harm or alarmed
Revamp my quoting then camp in the open like a circle of wagons
But these purple dragons try attack shoot themthey die whack gagging
For air, all my posts are of concern and like a host of firms do
Rubber research and like Danny Glover clutch Lethal Weapons true
A strong policy has a known quality of rules my dense flaw is not
Against the law convinced a raw arrest make you scared straight dropped
In a jail cell to prevail in hell, happy like a naturalized immigrant fat and wise
Like Rembrandt being the hardest artist and the smartest to ever rise
Walk around hype in a gownlike garment pulling tablets from the cabinet
Wearing woolen fabrics, evaluating teams with a calculating machine habit
Like a book about gardening my soils shook and no doubt hardening
Elusive in the street with an abusive speech from city life no departing
Like the bowel of the earth my vowels seem to thirst for the waters
Of grammar from the lowest depths of the sea even whales slaughter
Fish die as this twist the sky my criminal chemicals belong in a test tube
Romance feature is like a dance teacher so my moves are smooth
And that soothe girls and lube worlds of complex sex that proves.
My point,


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