Black Spirituality Religion : Both love and hatred are foolish as far as the worldly bonds are concerned

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    Both love and hatred are foolish as far as the worldly bonds are concerned

    Therefore, analyze both love and hatred and realize that both are foolish as far as the worldly bonds (wife, husband, children, mother, brother etc) are concerned. Based on such foolish ignorance, if you become corrupt in your life for the sake of some unreal bonds and as a result you are thrown in to hell, you are the biggest fool. All this results due to lack of analytical spiritual knowledge. If you destroy these foolish ignorant bonds in your heart and entertain yourself continuously with these unreal bonds, you will be called as Sthitaprajna (Prajahati Yada…Gita), which means a person whose intelligence is firm by constant analysis. Divert your entire unreal love to God, who is the absolute reality and your love also becomes absolute reality. Divert all your unreal hatred towards the above said foolish ignorance and then your hatred becomes real and meaningful. By this you can avoid the unreal love towards your own religion, which is conservatism.

    Religion is also an unreal design giving individuality and limits. Then, you can avoid the hatred towards other religions based on the same analysis. There is one God and there is one message from God to all the human beings on this earth and that is the Universal Spirituality. All the merits of any religion are the concepts of the Universal Spirituality. The unity in diversity of various forms of God and of various branches of philosophy related to different levels can be appreciated from Hinduism.

    Love and compassion leading to social service of needy in the name of God should be appreciated from Christianity. Sincere faith in God and disciplined life must be appreciated from Islam. Control of desire through analysis by intelligence (Buddhi) leading to justice and social service must be appreciated from Buddhism. Non-violence of even animals and birds by avoiding non-vegetarian food must be appreciated from Jainism. Avoiding the projection of non-God items as God through systematic analysis of world must be appreciated from science.
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    Hmm, not certain I understand all of what's stated here, but I'll give my say.

    As far as worldly bonds, love is not foolish. The Holy Son commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, but that we should not love any of our family or friends more than He lest we be unworthy of His love and salvation. So, I don't believe loving family and friends and enemies(as commanded by the Son) is foolish at all.

    Hmm, much of what you speak is told of in the Holy Scriptures, and one doesn't need to accept all teachings of men to have these. Love, compassion, sincere faith, discipline, etc are not absent in the Books written by the prophets of the Father, from of old.

    The Holy Son came and gave us faith, not as a title of "Christianity", but by His sacrifice for our sins, and His resurrection to eternal for our salvation. By keeping the commandments, and following after the Son and all His works and examples, there won't be anything missing from one's life, spiritually or otherwise, for the Father will always provide.