Black Sports : Boston Celtics player Isaiah Thomas playing for his sister

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    Isaiah has shown just how tough he is. He lost his sister a few weeks ago in a car accident. My son and I had just gone to see them play here in Atlanta. That is our tradition. We go and see the Celtics twice a year if we are in a city with an NBA team near us. Just us. I never include anyone else. My son is not really a basketball fan but he has always cheered my team on. We lost that night. That was the first time I have ever seen them lose in person. It was great though regardless.

    His sister lost control of her vehicle early morning and died at the scene I believe. Her name was Chyna. He has played his behind off for us. I simply can't imagine functioning under this type of emotional stress.

    Sister of Celtics' Thomas killed in car crash

    Chyna Thomas, the 22-year-old sister of Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas, died in a one-car accident early Saturday morning, Washington State police said.