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    I come in the righteous name of Precise Infinite Peace Allah. Today's reality is Born which means to bring into existence. This is the stage in which thought becomes real. Where things are taken from the mental plane and manifested into the physical. If you consider how you began it was a long and difficult journey. You started out as a single cell and added on until you went through the pain of birth and took your first breath. Nothing Born to last is easy. Things that are Born to last must be tested, refined and tested some more. That's how you know you're dealing with something Born of quality.

    Just as you went through birth pains to be here, those of us who were Born twice (Born first from mother, then Born a second time into the knowledge of self) know only too well how there is no elevation without tension and struggle. Any time you advance into a new stage of being there's going to be hardship. Those who make it through that Love and Hell will most certainly come out Right. Consider it nature's way of filtering out the weak.

    What is it that you Born? Do you lead people in the right direction or the wrong direction? Are you easily led in the wrong direction or easily led in the right direction? The choices you make and the knowledge you possess determines your reality. You're either the person who doesn't know (85), the person who knows but doesn't tell (10) or the person who knows and teaches others so they may know also (5). How will you define the "I" that is you today? What will you bring into existence?

    Enjoy your mathematics........