Black Poetry : born in the gully but fly and a lullaby is a song for a baby so boo let me take you home get gravy y


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May 11, 2006
born in the gully but fly and a lullaby is a song for a baby
so boo let me take you home get gravy you so wet I bet crazy
juice is produced and splash on the bedspread have to float
like a boat "Man Overboard" "NAW PLAYER just too heavy to tote
you ready for sex no joke need to strengthen your words and
lengthen your verbs make them longer and add a plan be a man
I be freaking quick because I'm a PUERTO RICIAN CHICK need plan
in VIRGINIA BEACH because boys talk fast when PUERTO RICAN girls
walk pass they see booty on a cutie and whoopee spin their world
they begin to hurl junk into her eardrum it's clear they want some
above the rim and love gems have luck with jewels but duck duals dumb
not to recognize the shine correct your eyes and mind now this is BLACK
on an assumption "BUT girl your function is to let me kiss your wet lips
I'm hood ;made and get good grades so its cool in school ready to take trips
downtown while you move your thing around, you a honey and dope this could
never be a funny joke, write a short letter with all sorts of clever good
words never heard in the hood, you PUERTO RICIAN all chocolate i got a small
rocket that wanna take off into your cake so soft so boo we can fall
in love who knows, the bar back up off me sip STARBUCK COFFEE to vanish mean disappear we speak sweet SPANISH in here and eat toffee candy and drink brandy and be lovers out to discover the weight of a kiss need cake to reminisce out to sea "NAW PLAYER i have a river divine and boys deliver on time never late when we talking cake, they come direct to the door to check as their hormones soar be wanting a kiss have to duck my head or get stuck in bed my luck has misled me when that happen a PUERTO RICIAN girl get hot down there juice around everywhere have to change my panties after kissing one boy didn't know what to do here and there a step or two need help to beat this after one sweet kiss we was at the FARM FRESH in VIRGINIA BEAH their door close i suppose they went out of business my breasts poked no joke he jest looked at them and kissed my lips and then he got my tongue i was moving my wet thing around he almost lost his mind, keep my past in order like a glass of water boys wanna drink this because it's pink and brisk inside he do stuff to my PUERTO RICIAN body too hot to chill parking lot not filled or occupied no doubt a whack take and OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE out-front chill car a drop top it's HIP HOP shock with dubs and love for clubs and thrill at a bar // feel excited this deal ignited my hormones now in the car phone ring you wanna kiss my lips and sprinkle my pies because i have a twinkle in my eyes while wrinkle vibes on the CD, oh have mercy on me I'm jest a Hershey to be eaten, completing the process it jest sweeten my breasts "OK BOO I'm living in temptation giving you an invitation to a party because you have a true body got me freaking in PUERTO RICIAN at HARDEE we eat fast food with class and attitude I'm that phat dude falls in love with chicks, the sex remain and explain mean to make clear, cake and hug seem to be my goal you a queen with a bowl of cornflakes add milk and get wet mad silk PUERTO RICAN body built for love girl and my world strive on that in VIRGINIA BEACH many of the natives are plenty creative and arrived wearing flip-flop because right now HIPHOP is at the tip top of society a variety of stuff drop funky right here on the streets can't sweep propriety up in a dust pan girl your pie crust stand to be reckon with, "NAW PLAYER you handsome and dope need to abandon hope of getting some, I'm letting none do my panties you can forget that I may regret this wet situation right here in front of FARM FRESH, radio dial reveal your dash i feel abashed it appear you talk trash ink my eardrum but its clear none shook me so look G lets leave this place oh he jest squeezed her waist he can jest taste the honey begged please don't go boo you won't know what your are missing in the car start kissing oh PUERTO RICAN girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH can't be twisting this
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