Black Authors : Bookstores like Yogurt Shops

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    Remember the boom in Yogurt shops? Where are the big Yogurt chains now? What happened?

    The problem is that yogurt was a product that could be sold anywhere as long as there was room enough for a machine. Hence this is one of the problems with bookstores. It is not only the fall in reading rates but also the saturation of outlets selling books. Grocery stores, discount stores and warehouse clubs have small bookstore sized sections selling popular books. This peels off enough business to sink many bookstores. Combine the “everywhere” availability with a drop in pleasure reading and you have a recipe for a long term death spiral. Even B&N may be fighting a long term losing battle. If shareholder return isn’t high enough, then it’s over.

    Now the real problem is that the supply of books is booming. If B&N and Borders are gone, we’re left with small sections next to appliances and the internet. That’s a hard world for authors and readers to think about but give it ten years. The question is how do we stop this from happening?

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    Very true, ultimately there is nothing we collectively can do because people are going to be people. They are only interested in reading certain material. In my opinion, metaphysical, new age, and african consciousness book stores are becoming more in demand in this era due to the people's consciousness.

    I don't think Borders and Barnes and Nobles will be gone though, they still get reasonable business in my area. Once they take these away they can really control what people are thinking! Reading stimulates thought which stimulates action! lol.

    Hopefully that doesn't happen thought, I'm thinking about opening up a bookstore soon that offers books on afrcan history (Kemet, etc), spirituality, religion, mysticism, alchemy, occult, metaphysics, quantum physics, biographies, health, writing/grammar, all that, I have this dream of having some Library of Alexandria type stuff. I also want to sell DVD's and lectures from our people like Bobby Hemmit, Phil Valentine, Dr. Ben, etc, etc.

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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere


    real talk...

    and the material they sell is very limited and only certain authors ......

    I always go to BORDER's and look around.......

    but they never carry what i'm looking for extensively....

    I spend lots of time in the library because they have more of a selection and more authors that I may be interested in...

    as far as metaphysical..... there is a wealth of info right here at home sweet home..... there is enough info to filter through right here to keep me busy for quite a bit.........