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Oct 13, 2006
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Physiognomy & The Birthplace of Prejudice.
("The Content of your Character" part2)

Physiognomy (Gk. physis, nature and gnomon, judge, interpreter) is a theory based upon the idea that the assessment of the person's outer appearance, primarily the face, may give insights into one's character or personality. The term physiognomy can also refer to the general appearance of a person, object or terrain, without reference to its implied or scientific characteristics.

In the previous thread, "The Content of your Character" we discussed and asked How do we judge? Is it with the brain or the heart? Since our Ancestors depicted the "heart" as the organ that was judged on the scales of Maat, saying we are judged by our hearts might be a fair assessment.

But let's look at some real world scenarios. A Man approaches a Female sitting at a bar, and before he can even get two words out, she looks at him from head to toes and says "Oh no, turn right around and go back where you came from- please!"

"Wait a minute Sistah, but you didn't even"
"No! uh-uh, you're not my type." She says, she turns around and continues to drink from her glass.

What do we call that. Do we call that judging a book by it's cover? Perhaps this Brotha had his own business and was doing pretty good for himself.

Physiognomy is very Ancient. It simply means you are critiquing a person's outer appearance, especially their face. Face Reading is still a major science in most cultures around the world. It may in fact be one of the most primitive sciences on Earth.

We have a right to be prejudice against people who look "abnormal" to us.
But is this type of judgment fair? It might be true that we are all face readers.
Most Men especially judge Women based on their physical bodies, as some Women judge Men based on their clothing and stature.

What's interesting is that our faces do in fact say a great deal about who we are. In Chinese face reading, the nose is especially important, from ages 41-50 it's considered the money spot:

Big Nose
With a big nose, it generally means a person would have luck with money. However, other features may suppress that luck until they come to the age 41 to 50. Then the fortunes govern by the nose takes over. One can expect an increase in riches when a person with a big nose reaches a certain age.

Small Nose
People with small noses are generally more attentive, considerate, and detail oriented.

Eagle Nose
This particular type of nose can be classified as such if nose ridge is high and the nose tip is pointed sharply downward. Also, the nostrils are extremely exposed. A person with this type of nose will look for any chance to take advantage of people. Even if it's friends and family, they are only looking out for themselves. However, when they reach 41 to 50 years of age, they will find obstructions to their money path.

Now that's interesting. So the Sistahs in the club trying to avoid all the big nose Brothas might be way off target. Or perhaps not. Perhaps our genetic intelligence already knows what types of people we should attract and what types of people we should deflect.

Unlucky Spouse Nose
There is a certain type of nose that is particular bad for men or women when it comes to how it affects their significant other. How do you spot this type of nose? By the three bumps, or rather, when there is a bump at the middle of the nose, this creates the three bumps: the first where the forehead concaves into the nose, the bump in the middle of the nose, and the bump of the tip of the nose. This type of nose signifies a certain attitude of the person. They won't respect the opinion or the thoughts of their significant other and will often care more about saving face. They might even start yelling at their other half right in public. Additionally, when they reach 41 to 50 years of age, they could encounter a large disruption in their personal and professional relationships.

Lion Nose
The 3 large parts of the nose can spot this type of nose. The flesh covering the nostrils are large and rounded, as well as the tip of the nose. The three rounded sections of the nose indicate this person is extremely lucky when it comes to money. They could buy lottery tickets and win, perhaps not the jackpot, but they will have good luck when it comes to a game of chance. Making money in their businesses won't be hard, especially when they reach the age of 41 to 50. However, if a female has this type of nose, it means her marriage will be extremely unstable. She should marry later in life or marry someone who is 10 years or older.

Straight Nose
The bridge of the nose goes straight down, without any bumps or indentations. This type of person is very straightforward and they don't try to be rude or nice, but rather, truthful. Thus this person can very easily offend other people without knowing it. They will, however, be very hard working, steady, and independent. During the ages of 41 to 50, they will most likely reach another peak in their careers.

Rounded Nose
For this type of nose the bridge of the nose is rounded instead of straight. If seen in profile, you will see a curve from the top of the nose to the bottom. This type of nose means the person is good as a businessperson. They have a lot of raw talent and luck when it comes to being in business.

Line Nose
A person with this type of nose knows how to handle money and those materials that come with money. They can resist buying things until they are on sale, or comparison shop until they get the best price. They are very detail oriented and know how to get the best out of each and every deal. How can you spot this type of nose? You won't see the nostrils of the nose at all, and both the flesh covering the nostrils and the tip of the nose line up in a straight line.

A mole on the nose means they could have obstructions when it comes to making money. When a person with a mole on their nose reaches the age of 41 to 50, they will have an incident where a lot of money is lost.


It's hard to define what type of nose MJ has now, I'm still working on that.
However, his nose was originally a Round nose. The description fits him perfectly. In fact, most African people have round noses.


Not Pattie too right? Well, that's Hollywood.

What type of nose is this? This nose type is also very common with African people.
The Primitive Group Mind

What appears as some pseudo-science at first, starts to make sense when we consider that spoken language is still less than 10% of how Human communicate.
Body language, i.e- our actions "speak louder than words" make up the majority of our communication skills.

Physiognomy is nothing new for African people. It's impossible for the inventors of mirrors and makeup to be unconscious of the organization of the outer appearance.

So it's safe to say that one's like for certain qualities can also create dislikes for certain qualities as well. If 2 tribes are in a feud, and if this feud goes on for generations then perhaps in time certain physical attributes of either tribe would be considered negative, hated, or even labeled evil.

The scary truth is that most people are generally still very primitive. We mainly react to things that make us feel afraid or make us feel safe. Hence the birthplace of prejudice, discrimination and even Racism.

There's another reason why shows like "Star Trek" were so intriguing. It's writers portrayed a future reality, that seemed impossible- because we were told that there was no discrimination in the future, this concept was clearly illustrated by having members like Dr. Spock as part of the crew, as well as other Alien beings who engaged with Humans routinely with no problem.


A Klingon of any race or gender is hardly the first choice for a dinner date. Naturally anyone who looks like this would be feared, and therefore discriminated against.

All that is said here, can also apply to what happened in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi people. Case and point:
Not all of Africans belong to Bantu or Negroid race


In most cases, it boils down to the primitive group mind, to which we are all a part. Our likes, dislikes, fears and loves are passed down and taught to us, not by individuals but groups.


Do we all judge a book by it's cover? How many thousands of years ago were these Africans pushed out of Africa because their white skin denoted death, and we feared them? Or is that story still based in myth?

Hopefully it is a myth, because if these Africans were not pushed out of Africa, perhaps they could've continued to live out their lives in peace there, hence never becoming the race they are now, so full of hate and Racism for their Mother and Father race.

Hate doesn't just happen, it comes from somewhere. It has to built up, just like a fire- it must feed off something. Whites have an obvious primitive group mind.

Going back to face reading, what's also interesting is that the "nose" is actually the heart. And overall, we judge others based on the size of their nose. So it's again safe to say that we do in fact judge the heart.

Hutu and Tutsi people are described by their noses also.

a Tutsi was a person with more than ten cow and a long, pointed nose, while a Hutu was a person with less than ten cows and a broad, short nose


Is Africa the heart and nose of the Planet?
Sis. Jaisolovely,

with your well timed response. Your nose says you come from Royalty and power! And it might be a good idea to educate your family about this very same topic.

And know you'll find this interesting as well:
The Nine Wealth Features of the Face

I found this software here very entertaining too. It can give you a good idea of how "face reading" really works, it seems to be as mathematical as numerology.

Digital Physiognomy download

Check Tupac's readings, very interesting as well as Tyra Banks. You don't have to purchase the full version, its shareware.


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