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    COOLEST BOOK ON HOTTEST TOPICS: Piddler on the Hoof by SI Fishgal - **** Good Soul Teaser - the book that entertains, captures and inspires,
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    PIDDLER ON THE HOOF, KOSHER HOOKS and MEIN KRAMPF - Coolest Books on Hottest Topics by S.I. Fishgal

    The derisive living truth, escapades, eccentricity, idioms, life and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearguard during the WW2 and trigger readers' thrills, laughter and bittersweet tears.
    Struck with some hoof-and-mouth disease, SI Fishgal spills the guts and teases souls in his potent, rich, vivid, fascinating, stimulating and gripping novel. Explanatory dictionary made the novel exemplary on its key words and idioms. Amazon listed it as most popular in that respect (#1 in UK).
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    "Wow! It's like Hogan's Heroes, The Yellow Submarine and Saving Private Ryan all in one chapter! And no messy subtitles!" commented Kuroashi in