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    Our Father
    Yashua Called On Yahuwa As '' Our Father '' Not My Father .
    Who Art In The Galactical Heavens
    This Is Saying That The Creator Is Not On Earth As The Children Of Earth Are Being Taught . He Did Not Come Down As A Spirit As A Spirit Into Yashua Therefore He Is Not On Earth
    Holy Is Your Name
    He Said '' Holy Is The NameOf '' Our Father / Yahuwa , He DidNot Say Holy Was His Name Yashua , Holy Is The Name Of Yahuwa ,
    Thy Kingdom Come
    He Did Not Bring Us A Kingdom As The Children Of Earth Teach , YashuaThe Messiah In His Prayer Thy Kingdom ( Yahuwa Kingdom ) Yashua The Messiah Had No Kingdom Of His Own .
    Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven
    Yashua The Messiah Did Not Say That He Was Yahuwa , Son On Earth '' Bring The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth . This Is The Lie Taught To Many Searching People . HowEver This Prayer Says Yahuwa Kingdom Is Destined To Come .
    Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
    For Him To Say This In His Prayer , Meant That He Did Not Have The Power To Provide For Himself Or Others Without The Help Of Yahuwa , Without The Father He Could Not Do Anything Because He Was Only The Instrument Being Used . Yashua The Messiah Would Always Tell People That He Was Not Greater Than The One That Sent Him
    And Forgive Us Our Debtd , As We Forgive Our Debtors
    This Statement Could Only Be Made By A Moratal . Meaning One Who Has Trespassed On Other People . In The Story When Yashua The Messiah Turned The Table In The Tabernacle . He Knew It Was Wrong , He Knew It Was The Wrong Method In Dealing With These People . HowEver , His Human Nature OverPowered Him And He Reacted With Anger .
    And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
    Here, This Verse Clearly Tell Us That Yashua The Messiah Was A Regular Man That Could Be Tempted . Satan The Evil One Knew That Yashua The Messiah Was Not The Creator , The Book Of The Prophet Job Implies How The Devil The Evil One Addressed Our Creator / Yahuwa In Heaven . He Spoke To Him Humbly , As A Servant , Not Like He Spoke To Yashua The Messiah On The Mountain .Also The Devil The Evil One Would Not Try To Tempt Yahuwa For He Knows That He Owns The Entire Universe . Yashua The Messiah Could Not Be The Creator / Yahuwa In The Flesh Because Satan The Evil One Came To Him And Offered Him All His Eyes CoulD See Could The Creator / Yahuwa Have Been Tempted By A City ? <Only A Man Could Be Bribed With Such Materialistic Wants >
    But Deliver Us From Evil
    This Also Contradicts The So - Called Christian Doctrine . If The Messiah Yashua Came To Save Man , Why Would He Have To Be Delivered From Evil ? He Was Not The Creator , But A Mortal Man That Was Susceptible To The Temptation Of Evil .
    For Thine Is The Kingdom , And The Power , And The Glory , ForEver ,
    This Verse Says That Yashua The Messiah Would Never Get A Kingdom Of His Own ( Unless Of Course Yahuwa Should Grant It To Him ) . This Destroys That Myth That Yashua The Messiah Came With A Kingdom Or That His Kindom Would Be On Earth , For '' Thine '' Means Your Not < Mine > .

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    Commentary on Matthew, Mark, Luke - Volume 1 - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

    ..Matthew 6:9 Do ye therefore pray thus Instead of this Luke says, when ye pray, say: though Christ does not enjoin his people to pray in a prepared form of words, — “though Christ does not command his people to adhere scrupulously to certain words. but only points out what ought to be the object of all our wishes and prayers. He embraces, therefore, in six petitions what we are at liberty to ask from God. Nothing is more advantageous to us than such instruction. Though this is the most important exercise of piety, yet in forming our prayers, and regulating our wishes, all our senses fail us. No man will pray aright, unless his lips and heart shall be directed by the Heavenly Master. For that purpose he has laid down this rule, by which we must frame our prayers, if we desire to have them accounted lawful and approved by God. It was not the intention of the Son of God, (as we have already said), to prescribe the words which we must use, so as not to leave us at liberty to depart from the form which he has dictated. His intention rather was, to guide and restrain our wishes, that they might not go beyond those limits and hence we infer, that the rule which he has given us for praying aright relates not to the words, but to the things themselves.

    This form of prayer consists, as I have said, of six petitions. The first three, it ought to be known, relate to the glory of God, without any regard to ourselves; and the remaining three relate to those things which are necessary for our salvation. As the law of God is divided into two tables, of which the former contains the duties of piety, and the latter the duties of charity,432432 — “As the Law of God is divided into two Tables, of which the first contains the things which we owe to God to honor his majesty: the second, what we owe to our neighbor according to charity.” so in prayer Christ enjoins us to consider and seek the glory of God, and, at the same time, permits us to consult our own interests. Let us therefore know, that we shall be in a state of mind for praying in a right manner, if we not only are in earnest about ourselves and our own advantage, but assign the first place to the glory of God: for it would be altogether preposterous to mind only what belongs to ourselves, and to disregard the kingdom of God, which is of far greater importance.

    Our Father who art in heaven Whenever we engage in prayer, there are two things to be considered, both that we may have access to God, and that we may rely on Him with full and unshaken confidence: his fatherly love toward us, and his boundless power. Let us therefore entertain no doubt, that God is willing to receive us graciously, that he is ready to listen to our prayers, — in a word, that of Himself he is disposed to aid us. Father is the appellation given to him; and under this title Christ supplies us with sufficiently copious materials for confidence. But as it is only the half of our reliance that is founded on the goodness of God, in the next clause, who art in heaven, he gives us a lofty idea of the power of God. When the Scripture says, that God is in heaven, the meaning is, that all things are subject to his dominions, — that the world, and everything in it, is held by his hand, — that his power is everywhere diffused, — that all things are arranged by his providence. David says, “He that dwelleth in the heavens shall laugh at them,” (Psalm 2:4); and again, “Our God is in heaven: he hath done whatever he hath pleased,” (Psalm 115:3).

    When God is said to be in heaven, we must not suppose that he dwells only there; but, on the contrary, must hold what is said in another passage, that “the heavens of heavens do not contain him,” (2 Chronicles 2:6).
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    None can do anything without the Father; the Holy Son was a great example of this. He showed that the virtue He shared in His healing and teachings were always of the Father. And He being Beloved of the Most High more than any, men and women should always be humbled knowing this, because even the Holy Son did nothing of His own accord, but by the Father Will only.

    His coming as a sacrifice for our sins was of the Father's mercy and love, as well as His own. His resurrection from the dead to life eternal was of the Father's power which will happen also to all of the Faithful and believing to the King, our Savior.

    We should always be in fear of the Father and love our KING the same, also. For it is by His mercy and compassion we are salvaged from hell fire, and redeemed to His Glory.