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    Hello Sisters and Brothers:
    Nice to meet all of you. My name is Darren D. Richardson and I reside in Detroit, MI. I wrote a book last year entitled Dear Black Woman: A Conversation Peace (178 pgs,, $11.95) which was published in December of 2001, and released by 1st Books Library (; also available through online booksellers Amazon Books ( and Barnes and Noble (

    In the past several years, many books have been written on the unmatched and unique beauty and strength of Black Women, as well as the many trials that Sisters have endured, in order to become the Queens they are. Terry McMillan, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison have all written beautifully of the lives and dreams of Black Women.

    But to date, no book has addressed these qualities, as well as the other “seen and unseen” characteristics of a “Soulful Woman”, from the perspective of a Black Man. At least not until now.

    Dear Black Woman is an inspirational piece that speaks to the mind, heart, soul and spirit of a Black Woman. The views and opinions expressed are sincere, soft, subtle and sweet, but very strong. These views and opinions come from the mind, heart, soul and spirit of a Black Man who cares deeply about the women of his race.

    I am asking for your consideration and support by picking up a copy of Dear Black Woman and forwarding this note to your friends and family, who enjoy quality and engaging African-American literature.

    I am currently working on the re-write of Dear Black Woman: A Conversation Peace (adding more material); please look for it in early 2003.

    Peace, Thank you, and Much Love,
    Darren D. Richardson
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    most def will support this and get a copy Thanks