Black Poetry : BOOGEY DOWN


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Apr 1, 2001

Accept my apology, help improve quality, step to the theory //
Slept thru rap history // mystery swept under a rug so leery //
Weary from a long drive correcting wrong vibe in the game //
Describe and maintain my tribe train many let me explain //
Proud the soul who speak loud of the word on scroll // unroll it //
Never fold it, always hold it next to your heart is bold and hit //
The enemy in your vicinity finds the hardcore remedy and converts him //
Alert and trim, slows arm myself with flows like soldiers kill and condemn //
With the juice of philosophy I produce high velocity at the speed of light //
Blowing up like an atomic reactor my rhymes is the controlling Ebonics factor //
In fact it began with an exact attack on the whack I can easily become an actor //
Rhyme heartily and dine smartly at Hardee // party lean and graceful I’m mean //
Sometimes wasteful, rhymes tasteful meet any task, defeat many when I blast cream //
Speak of my capacity never weak tenacity becomes a Butch Cassidy on the team //
Complete preparation to pay deep reparation to damage MC’S I sandwich these //
Cats like spice ham, nice slam easy confidence with sleazy content scratch off fleas //
Rhyme execution carried out, crime pollution buried without a doubt // shout for joy //
Like a church congregation much hesitation search for information clout do annoy //
Lined my path with rhyme math I find half of MC’S are just a whack toy //
Attack and destroy heads them boys misled like scared cattle spooked by ghosts //
I rattle the host and battle the most like an army of ant put stingers on my posts //
The results of my computer may cause a difficult maneuver like bivouac //



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