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    Bond of blood

    Even the bond with your child is unreal because the blood from your body entered into the body of other soul. This external gross body is destroyed here and the bond is destroyed with that gross body. The soul of Abhimanyu in heaven did not recognise his father, Arjuna, for the same reason. The bond with wife is more unreal which is formed due to touch between the two gross bodies, which are like the external clothes. The bond of the child perishes with the death. The bond with wife may die at any moment with divorce even with in the span of this life time, having a greater probability to give misery. The Gita says the same (Ye hi samsparsajaa bhogah …). A realised soul will not entertain himself in such unreal bonds (Na teshu ramate budhah – the Gita).

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    The bond of blood from the One who sacrificed His own body on the tree for our salvation, is one unbreakable, unlike the bond of blood we have with family.

    As soon as one dies, the earthly bond breaks, but as one passes on, the Spiritual bond remains, as does the blood of the Heavenly and Holy Lamb, who was resurrected the 3rd day for our redemption.

    In faith, hope, and belief of the Son and the Father, this bond will remain all days coming, through the easiest days, and the most difficult.