Black People : Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’, scraps visa exemption agreement

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    Bolivia has declared Israel to be a “terrorist state” and renounced a visa exemption agreement with the
    country in protest over the ongoing Israeli military offense in Gaza which already killed more than
    1,300 dead and left over 7,000 wounded.

    Canceling the 1972 agreement which allowed Israelis to travel freely to Bolivia “means, in other
    words, we are declaring (Israel) a terrorist state,”
    the country's President Evo Morales announced.

    Morales explained that Operation Protective edge clearly shows that “Israel is not a guarantor of the
    principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and
    harmonious coexistence of our international community.”

    The announcement came after a cabinet meeting of the government of Evo Morales which decided
    that; “The Bolivian state and people have made a firm decision to terminate the agreement on visas to
    Israel, from August 17, 1972, signed under a regime of dictatorship in Bolivia and that allowed Israeli
    citizens to enter Bolivia freely without even entry visa."

    Earlier in July, Morales filed a request with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to
    prosecute Israel for “crimes against humanity.”

    Other Latin American countries including Chile and El Salvador recalled their ambassadors in Israel
    on Tuesday for consultations due to the increased violence in the Gaza Strip against civilians. The
    move follows similar actions by Ecuador, Brazil and Peru who have also recalled their ambassadors.

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