Cameroon : Boko Haram attack on Chinese firm in Cameroon; soldier reported killed


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Sep 12, 2009
Exactly.. and if you understand the cold war going on right now between America and China... and also recognize America's pattern of supporting/supplyiing/training rebel groups to do their dirt.. ala.. Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan... and you also recognize that access to the resources of Africa are critical to both America and China.. and.. if you recognize how organized and widely covered the "Bring back our girls" campaign that justified putting American troops on the ground in the region... if you recognize all of that.. then you can see these stories.. especially the ones covered by major Media outlets.. for what they really are.

There will be a war in West Africa.. and once again.. so-called "Terrorists" will serve as the justification for building an overt western military presence in and around West Africa.. #watch.
I dig it.


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Jul 29, 2002
So now this is what I suspect.

Being that boko haram is an off-shoot of al qaeda, which is backed by nato, which is controlled
by the u.s., because china is making inroads, even if the deal is more in china's favor than those
afrikan nations they are dealing with, western powers ain't given up nothing. AFRICOM, for
starters is a tool to perpetuate chaos and disorder in the continent. This we know.

The u.s. and it's western brethren aren't going to directly mess with china, so consequently, they
have puppet/proxies such as boko haram cut up which puts the focus on the puppet and not
the puppet master...
As long as you keep thinking in terms of countries you will have it wrong with all due respect. You know the US and China are economically joined at the hip. The US government wants its population to believe it is in competition with China but really the US government have already come to terms that it really serves the ambitions of Banks and Transnational Corporations who have enormous investments in China. China in the next 6 or 7 years will surpass the US in having the largest economy because it has the cheapest labor and weak regulations which allow greater profit margins. It does not have to work out that way but in view of short term profits its going to be that way. This is why the US is not upgrading its infrastructure. Look, what is being upgraded and fixed is with materials shipped all the way from China, because it benefits transnational corporations manufacturing in China. In the last 30 years 45,000 or more manufacturing facilities have been moved around the world many of them concentrated in China. The US is planning accordingly to what benefits business not the American people. If things are really done in behalf of the United States and enrichment of its people there would be no NAFTA, TPP free trade agreements, that only benefit Banks and Transnational corporate kingdoms who have no national loyalties. It is the PRIVATE KINGDOMS of CAPITALISM from around the world that are the true rulers of the planet. Back in the day it used to be by country, not anymore and its been that way for decades.

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