Cameroon : Boko Haram attack on Chinese firm in Cameroon; soldier reported killed

Infrastructures that make it easy to extract the wealth! The Chinese have almost 2 billion people to feed. Do you really think that they do what they do to help Afrika/Afrikans? Come on, get a grip! We can't afford to be so politically naive and gullible!
And boko haram is a revolutionary force created to liberate cameroon from the chinese, right?

What infrastructure are euro-powers investing in in afrika?
LOL, no one needs Boko Haram, I can't get that through some you peeps. Let me repeat no bank, no transnational corporation, no country needs Boko Haram to get what they want, they already getting it and then some. Its a joke some of you actually think that.
Who is the 'they' that is getting what they want?


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