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    Body Language - Anthony David​

    Haven't you be watching the way that she moves
    She's been doing everything in her power to catch your eye
    Have you even noticed it's all about you
    But if you miss it she's gon' end up giving it to another guy
    She's waiting on you, say its alright
    All up to you, make it alright
    If it was any other brother he know it's plain to see
    She's waiting on you say is alright
    All up to you make it alright
    If you don't do it for yourself
    Then please brother do it for me
    I'm telling you to look at how she's rockin' it, rockin' it,
    Then check out how she's droppin' it, droppin' it,
    Then peep the way she's poppin' it, poppin' it,
    And don't just stand there watchin' it, watchin' it
    Get up on it now
    Take her by the waistline and get in her groove (get in her groove)
    Don't be afraid pull her up to you close and look her in her eyes (her eyes)
    Don't worry bout' your next line just tell her the truth (tell her the truth)
    Tell her just how she's making it feel and let her know she's fine
    She is waiting on you, make it alright
    It's all up to you make it alright
    If it was any other brother he know and it's plain to see.
    She's waiting on you make it alright
    It's all up to you make it alright
    Do it for yourself but, please brother do it for me
    2 x Chorus:
    What you waiting on, go get her,
    The worst thing she can tell you is no (what you waiting on)
    You'll never know just tell her
    Ask her to come and she just might go (what you waiting on)
    She's been waiting on you to come get her
    This is a chance that you don't wanna blow(what you waiting)
    'cause wonder what if, is no way to live
    You know what it is, you just got to give in.