Black Poetry : Blues In Blue

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    (this poem was written during the Abner Louima incident...yes this poem is that old)

    I know who you are Mr. Blues in Blue
    I seen you hurt my brothers 10 on 2

    I've seen what C.O.P.S. really stand for
    Just Crazy-men Out Patrolling Streets
    Looking for my brothers to beat

    The White in Blue
    The Black in Blue
    Equates to red for me and you
    White in Blue
    Black in Blue
    Police Brutality is real truth

    The truth hits, the truth hurts
    the truth hurts, the truth hits
    Like wielding of Police night sticks

    "I shot the sheriff" and I should've shot the Deputy
    For what you do to my brothers
    Is what you do to me

    How the hell can I tuly rest,
    When my brothers and I are whipped
    beat harassed Receiving plungers up the ***

    You beat them; I feel the pain
    You rape them, I feel the shame
    You cripple them; I become the lame
    For I am my brother, my brother is me
    We share the same injustices in this society

    I can't believe in you. Your motto says:

    But not when it comes to me and mine
    you motto has no presence
    when dealing with my kind

    And me What will I do?
    I will "get up, stand up, stand up for my rights"
    And if need be, I'll Revolt and fight

    I'll do what it takes to make you understand that
    I deserve to be treated like the man that I am.

    And each day may I, each day may we
    may we never forget...
    To think...(especially when dealing with Mr. Blues in Blue)
    Think (for he feels he is some how above you when it comes to respect)
    "Think, think cause it ain't illegal yet...
    Think, think cause it ain't illegal yet..."