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    A "blondie" named Nina is appearing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with Regis Philbin...
    Regis: "Nina, you're up to $500,000 with one lifeline a friend. The next question is worth one million dollars if you get it right.

    If you get it wrong you drop back to $32,000. Are you ready?"

    Nina: "Yes."

    Regis: "Which of the following birds does not build it's own nest?

    Is it...
    A.-Robin B.-Sparrow C.-Cuckoo D.-Thrush."

    Nina: " I think I know who it...but I'm not 100%. I'd like to phone a friend. I'd like to call my sister, Carol."

    Carol (a newly turned blonde) answers the phone: "Hello..."

    Regis: "Hello Carol, its Regis Philbin from Who Wants to be a Millionaire - I have your Sister Nina here who needs your help to answer the one million dollar question. The next voice you hear will be Nina's ..."

    Nina: "Carol, which of the following birds does not build it's own nest?

    Is it:
    A.-Robin B.-Sparrow C.-Cuckoo or D.-Thrush"

    Carol: "Oh geez, Nin. That's's a Cuckoo."

    Nina: "Are you sure? Are you REALLY sure?"

    Carol: "I'm sure."

    Nina: "HOW sure are you?"

    Carol: "So sure that I am getting ready to pop open a bottle of champagne and reserve the airline ticket that you are going to buy me to come up and celebrate."

    Regis: "Nina, you heard Carol. Do you keep the $500,000 or play for the million?"

    Nina: "I want to play! Carol is very dramatic and likes attention, but she HATES to be wrong!

    I'll go with C-Cuckoo."

    Regis: "Is that your final answer?"

    Nina: "Yes."

    Regis: "Are you confident?"

    Nina: "Yes; I think Carol's pretty smart."

    Regis: "You said C-Cuckoo...and you're right! Congratulations, you have just won ONE MILLION DOLLARS!"

    To celebrate, Nina flies Carol to New York. That night they go out on the town.

    As they're sipping champagne, Nina looks at Carol and asks her, "Tell me, how did you know that it was the Cuckoo that does not build its own nest?"

    Carol: "Nina, it was easy.... Everybody knows that a Cuckoo lives in a clock."
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    wall birds this was cute