Black Spirituality Religion : Bliss obtained in the social work

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    Bliss obtained in the social work

    A devotee asked about the bliss that can be derived in the fame obtained by doing the social work.

    Swami replied:
    When the social work is done, people will praise you. Such praise will enter your brain and causes intensive happiness. Suppose, a person is imagining the same social work done by him and consequent praise, such imagination can also generate the same intensive happiness. The feeling gives happiness. In the first case hearing the praise generates the feeling. In the second case imagining the praise from the people can also generate the same feeling.

    Once feeling is same, the result of the feeling (happiness) is also the same. You are in no way greater than the second case. If you consider the eternal fame even after your death, you are in no way connected with it to derive happiness in the next birth. Therefore, do not fall in the illusion of fame, which is also Maya. If you serve the God and do the social service under the guidance of God, God is pleased with you. The pleasure of God is real and is not illusory as in the above case of the fame.