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    By Andre Austin

    The Egyptians are reputed to be the most ancient people and they have always had laws and a constitutional system. Thus we ought to make full use of what has already been discovered” The politics Book 7 by Aristotle

    How did black people go from being the most influential on Greek law to the law now used in the USA primarily to destabilize black communities and families with defacto Jim Crow laws?

    Egyptian Iconography

    • In Egyptian tradition, the goddess of justice was called Ma'at. Ma'at carried a sword, as in modern depictions of justice, but instead of holding scales, she wore an ostrich feather in her hairto symbolize the same concept. Ma'at weighed the hearts of the dead to help Osiris find judgment on them. From the name "Ma'at," we get the term "magistrate."

    Plutarch reports that they call Isis Justice (She is also Lady Liberty). A significant number of Greek terms concerning justice and law have plausible Egyptian etymologies. Homer and Herodotus saw Egypt as a seat of justice, and Aristotle believed it to be the source of Greek law. Words like witness, oath and other words like righteousness and justice have their roots and compounds of Egypt in Greek.

    Where did the Greeks get the idea to blindfold Lady Justice? The ancient Greek writer Diodorus might give us a clue. Judges in Egypt wore suspended from their necks a golden chain with a small image of a precious stone they called Truth. The hearings commenced whenever the Chief Justice put on this image. “The custom was that the accuser should present in writing…They believed that if the advocates were allowed to speak they would greatly becloud the justice of a case; for they knew that the clever devices of orators, the cunning witchery of their delivery, and tears of the accused would influence many to overlook the severity of the laws. [on similar lines the Supreme Court in USA use this as justification not to allow the court to be televised).

    For in that case there would be the least chance that gifted speakers would have an advantage over the slower, or well practiced over the inexperienced (Book 1:75-77).

    When I read this I said to myself, self, I hope Court Justice Clarence Thomas isn’t using this old ancient custom with the Egyptians to be the only judge and only black to stand mute on court proceedings. He doesn’t ask questions like the other eight judges and many think he’s up to the task of functioning. Many observers of the court believe Judge Thomas wakes up in the morning everyday thinking how he can use the law to hurt his own people. Not only is he a fool but a traitor to his race.

    Following the lines of deductive reasoning that if ancient Egyptians didn’t want to hear the complainant but only read their briefs that they wouldn’t want to see them either so that they wouldn’t show any favoritism of one person or another due to their status or appearance

    In modern times in the USA we were color-blind enough to elect the first Bi-racial President but we can’t get Color-blind with the color-line yet in our Criminal Justice System. Our death penaty in the USA isn’t color-blind at all or our drug laws where all races sell and use drugs but only the black race go to prison for it. It would be like using the prohibition laws of the 1920’s to put only African-Americans in jail for drinking alcohol when everybody was tipping the bottle and staying wet, the popular term of the time for illegal drinking. Those that stayed dry were Women’s Temperance Unions and Anti-Saloon leagues funded by underground mafia to benefit from bootlegging. The mafia works on both sides!

    The Color-line was a popular word during and after slavery. It probably evolve from the Mason-Dixon line of land surveyors that divided North/South free and slave states. Individual, states and organizations used it to suppress blacks from whites while others ignored it socially to jump the fence and be with another person of another race they loved or lusted for.

    Homer Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) Supreme Court decision

    Eight judges agreed to keep black & white separate. 1 judge had the intelligence to dissent. I recall a jail house lawyer told me sometimes the best way to appeal a case is to use the dissenting opinion of the judge. Here is a brief quote from Marshall Harlan:

    “The destinies of the two races, in this country, are indissolubly linked together, and the interests of both require that the common government of all shall not permit the seeds of race hate to be planted under the sanction of law. What can more certainly arouse race hate, what more certainly create and perpetuate a feeling of distrust between these races, than state enactments which, in fact, proceed on the ground that colored citizens are so inferior and degraded that they cannot be allowed to sit in public coaches occupied by white citizens? That, as all will admit, is the real meaning of such legislation as was enacted in Louisiana. ( This was picked up at Brown Vs Board of Education 1954).

    50 years later a black psychologist Kenneth Clarke working with NAACP lawyer Thurgood Marshall set out to dethrone the segregation laws by pointing out “separate but equal” wasn’t equal because black kids were made to feel like they were inferior to white kids because they preferred white dolls over black ones.

    Harland said that society already knew the laws were to keep blacks away from whites not the other way around and the pursuit of happiness was at the expense of black people. Harland stated :

    “The arbitrary separation of citizens, on the basis of race, while they are on a public highway, is a badge of servitude wholly inconsistent with the civil freedom and the equality before the law established by the constitution. It cannot be justified upon any legal grounds”.

    So in 1954 blacks dethrone Plessy vs. Ferguson and then one year later in December of 1955 Rosa Parks becomes a reincarnation of Homer Plessy. Parks was partially influenced by the murder of Emmitt Till a Chicagoan killed in Mississippi for saying “bye baby” to a white female store clerk. Parks feet were not tired she was tired of being treated as an inferior human being and that’s why she told the cops to go ahead and do what you got to do. This was almost in the same manner Herod Antipass told Pilate: “what I ordered you to do him, do”.

    From there and on the modern civil rights movement was born and all the Civil Rights Laws of the 13, 14, 15 amendments of the 1860’s were reincarnated in the 1960’s. But what was the price to advance to civilization to be able to sit at a counter and eat some hamburgers and fries or go sit on a toilet where a white but.t had sat? The price was death. What was the price for white America? Their feelings of white supremacy got a chink in its armor. Now they had to take black money and be a bit more polite to us.

    The Civil Rights laws actually helped Judge Clarence Thomas get many of his jobs he now is attempting to stop other blacks from getting. He has gotten up the latter and into the big league and has slammed the door so nobody else can get into the American dream. Obama needs to get re-elected so he can appoint a real blackman or woman who can be color-blind without having to be blind just like our brothers and sisters were in ancient times of old.