Black Short Stories : Blinded By Trust - Chapter I

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    Hey ya'll! I'm a newbie on here! I found this site a while ago, then lost the link, and somehow, found it again! I'm so glad that I did! It feels good to be among so many other people that LOVE to write, such as myself. I have many stories, and honestly, most of them don't get finished. In fact, none of them do because I have so many. So hopefully, if I get good feedback, it'll be motivation for me to keep on writing and eventually finish one! Okay, so here goes the first part to my story called "Blinded By Trust"

    ScEnE oNe: aT tHa BaR


    I was at the club, chilling by the bar. I hadn't even noticed who walked in the door because I was so caught up in conversation with the young lady I was trying to pursue.

    "Hmm...Does Cree know you out here? Because last time I checked, she said you were out of town and she was at home, waiting for you to call." It was my girl's best friend, Miyah.

    "Aww...Wassup Miyah!" I said, acting all nonchalant, like I hadn't just heard what she said.

    "Don't "Aww, wassup Miyah" ME! *****, you think you slick! I told Cree to quit fu cking with you! You ain't nothing but a dog @ss *****! Just like the rest of them!" she said. I sighed, then turned back around and looked at the young lady sitting on the stool. She was all up in the conversation I was having with Miyah, so I knew I wasn't gone be getting no more play from her.

    "Excuse me for a minute." I said. I grabbed Miyah's arm and pulled her a couple feet away from the bar.

    "Marques, I don't know what you tryna pull! You ain't finna keep playing my girl to the left! If you don't get yo **** together, then I'm telling her everything! And YES, I mean EVERY FU CKIN' THING!" Miyah threatened me. I rolled my eyes and sighed. She was really willing to risk her friendship AND our relationship just because she saw me talking to another female.

    Me and my girl Cree had been together for 3 and a half years. Me and Miyah had been messing around for about 2 of them years. You see, I had my sights set on Miyah in the first place, and she knew it. But she never wanted to fu ck with me because 'I didn't fit her standards' and because 'she was such a good friend'. But, if she was such a good friend, then she would've told the first time I made a pass at her. But she never did, so that's why I kept going after her, and a year and a half later, she finally gave in to temptation.

    "So, what you really mean is I need to quit playing you to the left? Last time I checked, you wasn't my main. So what now?" I said. Miyah was starting to get on my fu cking nerves. She always threatened me with that 'I'm telling Cree about us' line. So, I never took it seriously.

    "Whatever!" she said, while rolling her eyes. I decided to play my hand at the deck.

    "So, why don't you just go home and I'll be through there in about an hour." I whispered in her ear. She started smiling then, looked over her shoulder.

    "I can't. I came up here with some of my girls and they gone be mad if I leave them." she said, flirting right back. I smiled on the inside, because I had it so easy.

    "Well, go tell them something suddenly came up. The sooner you get out of here, the sooner we can be together." I said. She smiled again then, started thinking about my offer.

    "All right. How long do you think you'll be?" she asked me.

    "Not long. I'll call before I come." I said. She looked around for her girl friends.

    "All right. See you soon." she said, leaning forward to kiss me. I leaned back and held my arms out to keep her in her place. She shot me a dirty look.

    "Excuse me! Why you-" I cut her off.

    "Just in case somebody is in here watching. Just go, don't make this no harder than it all ready is." I said.

    "Whatever! You ain't supposed to be in here anyways! She think you in Alabama! How you think she gone act when somebody tell her they saw you in The Velvet Room, pushing up on different females, just like that one that's still waiting for you at the bar!" she snapped, pointing in the direction of the young lady that I was tending to a few minutes before. I was surprised she was even still there.

    "Yeah, but I can talk my way out of that! How you think she gone act when somebody tell her they seen her man with her best friend?" I said. She got quiet when I said that. She rolled her eyes.

    "Whatever! Just call when you on your way!" she said, turning around to walk away. I just smiled, envisioning how many different ways I was gone tear that @ss up.

    I walked back over to the bar, and sure enough, the young lady was still sitting there.

    "I'm sorry about that, Miss Lady. You probably don't want to converse with me no more anyways. So, I'm gone go ahead and pay your bar tab and go my own way." I said. She did just what I expected: grabbed my hand when I set the money on the bar.

    "So what you got a girl. What that got to do with me?" she said. I looked at her with my eyebrows arched, like I was surprised. She shot me a sexy little grin and caressed my hand with her thumb and index finger.

    "Well, what you doing tonight?"

    Meanwhile, out in College Park


    "Girl, I am so fu ckin' lonely! Who was at the Velvet Room? Nobody, probably." Cree asked. I was getting ready for my late night booty call with 'OUR' man, Marques.

    "Girl, nah! The same old tired n!ggas that's always there. Did Marques ever call you back?" I asked her. Just the sound of his name made me wet. I couldn't WAIT until he got to my place.

    "No, he still hasn't called. He probably fell asleep. You know my baby be working them long hours all night, and he need his rest. I'll call him tomorrow." she said. If only she knew what he was really doing. He was working them long hours all right. Time for me to play the role.

    "He ain't thinking bout you! I promise girl, I don't know how many times I'm gone have to tell you. He's playing you for a fool. You need to find you a real man. Because Marques ain't nothing but a little @ss boy!" I snapped. I loved getting her all riled up about Marques, because one: she'd never expect me as being his mistress, and two: the things she sometimes told me about him only made me want him more.

    "Marques is all the man I need! Ain't nobody that could ever take his place, and you of all people know that! You know I ain't never felt this way about nobody else but him! He's the one, I know it." she said. Let me end this conversation before I start feeling guilty, I thought. I loved Cree like she was my own sister. But she was so naive. I wanted the best for her. And I'm not just saying this for my own benefit, but I knew Marques wasn't the best she could do. She could do so much better.

    "Hmm. All right then girl. I'm bout to get off this phone because I gotta get up early for this hair show. Was you still coming?" I asked her. I was a beautician, and I was doing a banquet hair show at a hotel to show off some of our latest products. Cree always came to them, just to show her support and to get free lunch, served by the best caterers in Atlanta, Talk Of The Town. They usually did weddings, but they always served us lunch for our shows.

    "Yeah. What time do I need to come?" she asked. I heard a knock on my door and all ready knew it was Marques. So I just blurted out any time and hung up the phone. I know she was wondering why I had hung up so quick, and I knew I'd have some explaining to do tomorrow. But right now, it was time to get my freak on.

    When I opened the door, I expected it to be Marques. Oh, it was him all right. But he decided to bring us a little company...

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    Hello tHa_TrUtH welcomeeeeee!!!

    welcome to short stories
    welcome to the house of peace & respect
    welcome to the family of love & sharing

    very nice story , happy you here to share and enjoy :welldone:
    make yaself at home welcome within:geek: :wave: :wave: :wave: :read:
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