Black Poetry : Blind Date

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    My Friend described her as being a perfect fit
    Yet I was unsure and did not trust him one bit
    So I called her and made plans to meet
    A neutral place that was safe where we could eat
    She has no car but offered to help with the gas
    And I thought this is first, a woman with class
    Now she decided to go dancing and that was great
    I would pick her up at her house, exactly at 8…
    Me.. I’m always on time but she was running late
    She asked me could we reschedule and meet at 9
    And being the perfect gentleman I said that was fine
    At 8:55 I hit the block and was cool and ready
    Checked my list and hands were steady
    I made the call with confidence and pride…
    It rang one time and I said ”Im outside”
    Now it was dark and her hair covered her face
    I tried to sneak a peek but felt out of place
    The conversation was cool but superficial
    With Diana Ross tracks, it was all artificial
    She directs me to this little hole in a wall sort of bar
    The kind of spot where it’s not safe to park your car
    15 minutes Inside and Remy is all she’s drinking
    One after another, man what in the hell is she thinking
    And just watching and listing to the ******** she’s saying
    Speech slurred and spit spraying
    …….. I got to piss so I head to the John
    All I hear is a arguing going on
    I step and out, reach back to turn off the light
    There in the middle of this bar is a dam fight
    Guess who.. this dumb girl is fighting one against two
    So I stood there thinking what does she expect me to do
    So I broke it up, but my date seems to had much more to say
    And these two girls would have killed her if I let them have their way
    So I heave her up over my shoulder and head for the door
    People started laughing as her Diana Ross hair fell on the floor
    I place her in the passenger seat and recline it back
    She frayed, hell she was under attack
    As I walked around to my side I could only think "at least she not boring”
    When I got in the car all I heard was snoring
    Well that’s cool as I turned on some Jazz
    Thinking I should have recorded the date and YouTubed her ***
    As I arrived to her pad thinking thank god this has come to end
    She awoke in drunken stooper and invited me in
    Still with class I declined
    I opened her door and stated this is the end of the line
    She got out and said that she understands
    She asked for a hug but I shook her hand
    I waited to make sure she made it inside
    And I climbed back into my ride with my head held high
    …… wait a minute… Hold up what was I thinking
    Hell I was sober; Coke was all I was drinking
    I put the ride in park
    Jumped out cause this dog is about to bark
    I ran to her door and knocked real hard
    I’m a man first and I’m about to play my man card
    I tried the door and it was unlocked so I open and proceeded inside
    I almost passed because of my pride
    There she was half naked in the middle of the room
    She looking like bride and me the groom
    I stood up straight and said with class
    ***** I did not forget but you owe me money for gas…