Black People : Blakeradio Talks about the Trayvon Martin case

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    Neil Blake Online - Topic: The Murder of Trayvon Martin

    Guests include: Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke New Yorks 11th District Junious Ricardo Stanton Radio/TV Host and Writer Ted Terry Radio Host and founder of Bob Martin Producer, Writer On Air Talent Currently Soke/ Grand Master...

    This show should be heard by everyone regarding the Trayvon Martin case. Listen to Zimmerman's call to the police. The cops ask Zimmerman whether the person he is following is Black or Hispanic. Therefore, the police made the assumption of color right off the bat. Zimmerman gave the impression to the police that Trayvon was casing the neighborhood. Also, one of Zimmerman's parents (his father, its believed) is a retired judge. Why was Trayvon's bodymissing for 3 days without the police contacting his parents. Trayvon's cellphone was nearby so they could have easily found his family if they wanted. An interesting comment made on the show was that many of the bodies of black youth who are killed by cops, each other, et al, are returned to their families without organs. Interesting, given Dick Cheyney's new heart -- no one on the panel claimed Cheyney got his heart under the table, just wondered where it came from. Interesting thought.