Black People : Blacks That Work In The "Justice System" - Good or Bad Thing?

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Blacks That Work In The "Justice System" - Good or Bad Thing?

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  1. Destee

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    betwixt and between
    Hello Family,

    We recently read Judge Mathis' book in our Book Club Chat. Some felt that he was a "sell-out" because he works in the "justice system."

    I have heard many negative comments over the years, regarding Black police officers. Suggesting that they have somehow or another, "sold out," just by being cops.

    I personally think that we need Sisters and Brothers in these positions. We certainly can't expect for other folk to give us, our children, our families, any kindness or consideration (based on the fact that prisons are full of us). Therefore, unless our own people are in these positions, to "give second chances," as Judge Mathis says, we aint gett'n too many of 'em.

    I have a 25 year old son and when he was younger, i thought it would be a good thing for him to be a police officer. He totally rejected the suggestion.

    It seems that a Black person working in the "justice system" is viewed negatively by some of us. How do you see it? Can we encourage our youth to seek key positions in this justice system, so that we can be in a better position to manipulate it in our favor?

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    Looking forward to your input.


  2. uzoka

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    Sep 4, 2003
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    Hi destee,

    I think it depends on the mindsets of these black upholders of the law, which basically comes down to the individual.

    Since the judicial system is unfairly and heavily stacked against blacks anyway, any approach to a dispensing of the law on the part of blacks, from a fair perspective, resisting any urges to show bias either way, would be a good thing for blacks, after all, equal treatment is all we ask right?

    If on the other hand black law officials are of the type of mind that has been conditioned in the same vein as some white officials, in that 'black' is automatically equated to something inherently bad, then it would just amount to a continuation of what we are used to already.

    If unfair bias was given in favour of blacks by these public servants then you'd have some genuinely bad blacks slipping through to maybe go on and hurt someone.

    So basically, as long as they are fair and consider the facts specific to each case, then it's a good thing, but because the answer depends on the indivdual, I'd say it's both good and bad.

    Thanks, Peace.