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    Hoteph Beloved:

    Beloved, as we are placed in the Diaspora, do we have the power to change our condition, do we control the destiny of our Life, where we are now, are we not referred to as the Minority, all of those Trues prevent Black people out of Afrika, from reaching our full potential.

    I am not one that advocate a full scale return to Afrika as if we are refugees returning home to resettle.

    My avocation require that we the children of the Middle Passage must follow the steps necessary for us to return home with Dignity and with being an assess to the reclaiming of Afrika Land and working to bring about the Reunification of Black People in Afrika.

    The problem with the so call Afrian american, is that we really do not Want to Leave america, so we have not the inclination to do what is necessary to give us cause to return home.

    I have mention the steps necessary to prevent what you seem concern about, regarding our return and those steps are Black unified organization, Reparation, the Return home as the next independent sovereign State in Afrika and the meeting of our obligation to reclaim Afrika by assisting in unifying Black People in Afrika.

    Now when Black folks are not concerned about the return, then they will nick pick and come up with all sorts of excuse to make believe the steps I have outlined will not work because deep down we do not want them to work, because such is what we need to do in order to bring Dignity back to the Black world and Black Folks, many of us, do not desire to become dignified People agan, we have learned to become comfortable in our oppression..

    So, what I have shared in regard to what we need to do in order to return Home with dignity, require that we so call Afrikan america be willing to face our responsibility to our Enslaved Ancestors and to ourselves and that responsibility is to do what we need to do that will put ourselves in a United position to Demand Reparation from a position of Black Unity and the other steps will follow, nothing more and nothing less.

    Now, in no way can you See and Understand this Process by Looking through our new given Human Being Mind and that is why I say, it require a Black Spiritual reawakening of us Black Folks, in order to be able to See the Wisdom in that I share with you, absent of Ego, Wants, Envy, and Jealousy.

    What I present is not an individual endeavor, so by rejecting the steps I share with you, end up hurting the rejecters more than I, and end up securing the Power which the Human Being now have over the Black World.

    Beloved as I have said, I do not have the Time nor is this the place to go into indepth specifics about what we need to do to cause these steps to be meaningful to the Children of the Middle passage and the Family in Afrika.

    So please, do not accept my reply as an affront against you personally, and I would do like wise of you toward me, what we are discussing is much greater than you and I, because it involve an entire Black Nation and then Some others, but Black Folks First.

    In general, if we do not want to return to Afrika, we will never be able to See the Need for us to do so and all the Wanting Afrikan American Human Being will do, is to attempt to confuse the issue, so that other Black Folks may not be able to give such a Thought serious consideration.

    So, if you want not to return Home, then why do those that have such a Wanting, have such a compulsion to speak out against such an endeavor for black People, just remain quite, because you know Returning back to Afrika is not for you, so therefore, this does not include the wanting to stay within close proximity of the oppressors Afrikan american Human Beings.

    The present state of Afrika and Black people in Afrika, and every where else, does not hinder me from what I know is needed for Afrka and the Black World, because I know what the condition of Afrika and the Black World was before the coming of Evil into our Midst and I know such a Condition and Position of Afrika and the Black World can be again, as a matter of face must become again.

    But no, as long as we allow those Afrikan Human Beings with a Blocking syndrome of everything pertaining to Afrika and the Black World revitalization, back in Afrika, then we will always be talking why something that need a Unified Effort by Black People Will not work, such evil thoughts about Black folks Efforts, only serve as aiding and abetting the Human Being Oppressors.

    So beloved, this is my last reply to you regarding this matter, because after a while we just become redundant, something I refuse to participate in doing.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you



    Chief Elder

    [email protected] com wrote:
    Chief Osiris says: "Do you believe that black People opportunity is best served in america rather than in Afrika and I have not begin to go into the Spiritual indication that serve to the benefit of black people in Afrika, all of this has to do with how we think and right now, we believe with the human Being Mind, meaning that black People do not Think !!!"

    What are the opportunities in Africa that will best serve Black people? I would like to know why and how you feel Black folks from the Caribbean and the Americas can be revitalized Africa (or is it only to revitalize themselves?) . Are they to remove all non-African companies and industries in Africa, and reclaim for Africa, all her natural resources? How will Africa thrive with the influx of several million Black folks returning to their ancestral land? Are there Black folks in Africa right now, building houseing, schools, hospitals, universities, industries, etc., even farming, in preparation for Africans who were forced out and taken abroad via the middle passage? What is the plan and when is it set to go into motion? In other words, how is the "divine mind" to survive in Africa?

    I have nothing against Black folks returning to their ancestral land, in fact, I think it's a good idea, but there needs to be a plan and it needs to be in place. This is the problem I have with Robert Mugabe. I have nothing against him removing white farmers from Zimbabwe, but I do have a problem with the fact that he had no plan in place when he did so. If there is a plan for Black folks returning to Africa, then why not share it.

    What are the opportunities that lie in Africa, especially since one of the reasons Africa is suffering is due to brain drain? Shouldn't Black folks restore the brains that are missing in Africa? If not, then Black folks will be contributing to the problem. All that I'm asking is how will Africa and Africans benefit from Black folks arriving enmasse on the continent? What is the plan? Is there a website that one can go to that will reveal the plan that Black folks have for Africa?

    Your response will be appreciated.

    With much respect,

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    [email protected] com wrote: Chief Osiris says: "...such a change must take us back home to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, our Land upon this planet, the place referred to as Afrka, so until Mr. Cosby and Dr. Puissant understand that Truth, they will continue to serve as tools of an environment that is systemic Racist toward Black People and in such an environment, Black People Will never be Free and Independent, in other word, we have no way of defeating Racism in america..."

    I don't know how returning to Africa will alleviate the problem of racism that is experienced in the USA because I don't know where African-Americans will fit in should they arrive enmasse. Africa is not oneness, and probably hasn't been for thousands of years.
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    beloved at least you do admit to not knowing, thereby causing you not to be able to See, the Profoundness in Divine Truth.

    First of all you have never witness me indicating that every single child of the middle Passage will return back to afrika, yet would it not be divine if every single Black Child of the Middle passage would return, do you not know what that would signify ?, well I will tell you, it would signify that the Children of the Middle passage has come back into our divine Mind.

    Therefore the revelation is to those children if the middle passage who are coming into possession of our Divine Mind, they that are not motivated by our wants but are able to see what we need to do concerning our present stay in the Diaspora america.

    It take a Profound Thinker with a resurgence of our divine Mind to know and Understand that which I share with you and if only if we Black folks will pause for a moment and deal with our Need and not want, then we will not be in such a hurry to speak against hat we can not see.

    Racism is no more than an attitude and behavior exercised against black People every where and because we are in america out side of our environment and is a prison of Systemic Racism, yet Racism can not sustain its Unjustified Prejudice in a place where black People wearing our Divine Mind and constitute the Majority and control over the Land we occupy, now referred to as Afrika, such become a different black people for racism to confront and will not win.

    Let me make myself plain, I an not on a campaign to win Black Folks in captivity in america confidence about our need to go Home, your rejection Hurt you first, I am presenting to Black People in the Prison of america a viable alternative, because where we are outside of afrika, our Life is Doomed, because we will never be victorious over Racism in america and the outer world,Why, because Lucifer, whom we have grown to become Blindly in love with, is dying determine to keep Black people talking as you are today about our black Selves and Afrika, as we act as if things are so promising to black People in america, to believe that, mean that we are looking through the Eyes of Religion, which in term is the Racist Eyes.

    When Divine Truth come and is shared with you divinely so, it mean that which is being shared is divinely Revealed, so in no way you will be able to see that which is Divinely True through the Profane Eyes of our Oppressors and I mean you nor any black Folks any disrespect, but the Time is for the Divine Truth to be revealed, whether Black Folks want to accept it or not, yet you need to.

    Who that is black can say with a profound Mind that america hold more potential for black People than Afrika ? and if you dare to do so, prove it, with profound Reasoning, absent of irrational emotion, which black Folks strive upon today.
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    With ethnic clashes, tribalism, and religious dissension taking place in Africa, African-Americans need to know what they will be up against before arriving in droves.
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    Beloved, that which you have describe of Black People behavior and attitude in Afrika is True, but that Truth does not rise to the level whereby it justify you in speaking against our return back Home, because you are sounding as if Black People in america is feasting off of the Chicken in every Pot and we each have an equal slice of america apple pie and nothing can be more deceiving than that, but if we do not know our Destiny, then we set up ourselves to pretend that america is our Destiny to remain, and such a belief, imply that Chattel Slavery was in fact Justified and served our Enslaved Ancestors well, not so beloved, because you have to See to understand that by the Mass Return of black People back Home with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and we becoming the established state in afrika, such a Move carry the ingredient that will be able to correct that Horror you have painted of Black People in afrika, a Trick the White Man use to sustain our belief in him and his religion
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    However, all is not lost if African-Americans were to take advanced skills with them, so they will have something to offer the people. Healthcare workers and educators/teachers can be useful in many African countries; but dumping troubled, unskilled African-Americans in Africa is not a solution.
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    Beloved, even that which you say here will not be sufficient to aid the up lifting of Afrika and black People and I do not have the Time nor the space to go into all of the details regarding this matter, but I ask, is all well with Black folks in america and do all of those undesirable black Folks in america have a more promising opportunity in america, More so than what their promise will be in Afrika, are you not aware as to why Black people in america behave as we do in america ? yet you sound as if we have become so undesirable without circumstances that have molded the black people you now say serve as a detriment to Black People in Afrika, yet you have said that is the same attitude and behavior that now is apparent in afrika by Black People today.
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    If African-American parents cannot discipline and control their children in the USA, I doubt they will be able to do so in Africa. If African-American kids are not interested in education in the USA, I doubt they would be interested in attending school in Africa.
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    beloved, are you aware of the Power of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice and open blatant discrimination against black People in america ?

    Are you not aware that we black people conform to the environment we are a prison of ?

    Do you believe that black People opportunity is best served in america rather than in Afrika and I have not begin to go into the Spiritual indication that serve to the benefit of black people in Afrika, all of this has to do with how we think and right now, we believe with the human Being Mind, meaning that black People do not Think !!!

    Also I will not go into the vision of he Honorable Marcus Garvey concerning us in the Diaspora and afrika, but I will eventually and it will not be as we want it to be, but as it happen to be.

    Beloved, I desire that you do not mind me sharing this exchange for all to see and read, because I do not hide nor do I cloak the Divine truth and I stand on every word that is given to me to share with the black world and I do say, if black Folks are desirous to save ourselves, we must become again a Monolith People.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


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    However, I am for African-Americans relocating in Africa, at least those who want to, but the reality is they must be able to take something to Africa, and not expect Africa ot provide free services.

    I appreciate your composing this message and sharing it with Afrik members. I also respect your views.

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    My dear Brother, Thank you for this wonderful post. I as well as many I am sure do not want to pass into the next phase away from home. I am trying to convince some folks to consider this move but the brainwashing is very strong indeed. Peace