Black Poetry : Blacks Man’s Time On The Cross

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    Blacks Man’s Time On The Cross

    Time On The Cross

    In the past of our great Kings and the world order
    of today many accuse of being a fanatic
    for the almighty God, Man who stood with armor have been killed
    for the prophesies of the King. In time and places this is the opposition
    of righteousness that man has paid. The blind blinded by the
    Blinders of the devils voice.
    The scars that linger upon man devastated by the assassinations of those
    who stood up for righteousness that was carved with stone.
    There were seers before there were prophets.
    Man sits in fear of the words of God.
    Those who hide behind the cloak who stand upon the pull
    Pit of sermons, never understanding the words
    that were given by God.

    Living in a towel, which is dictated by the earthly Gods.
    The legacy of the black man, Jesus the king and all
    those who followed in righteousness’ of his name.
    The battleground of conformity, the treasons of the wicked
    Army, the blasphemy in the name of the heavenly father.
    The beast of angels who wear the muddy crown of the waters.

    The army of the devil controls the prisons of the land
    The conformity of evil is accepted, within the darkness
    Of satans plan, treasons of a people who turn there
    Heads to the spoken words, treason by the people
    Who break all the laws of God, like Jesus who was
    Killed treason of the prophets who stood at the door
    Of satin plans, Judas who be trade Jesus and
    the devil had won, he then hanged his own self
    trader of the sons of sons.

    The man and the son we live the same opposition
    Of then and know, betrayal of self, denial of seeds,
    Responsibilities that only honor self.
    The cycle has return.

    Great men of prophesies as those
    who come then and now, lynched
    through the evolutions of times,
    To be in clad braces scorned by
    those who cry out loud to God.
    Wisdom the threat to ignorance
    and those who wear the symbolic mask.
    Knowledge that is executed ignorance
    that has multiplied not willing to know
    and not the courage to apply.

    Nat turner a Prophet to man who was labeled
    a fanatic, a time on the cross the chosen, envy that larks at man doors.
    Life of the dead, science of the earth, mathematics’ that don’t equal to the
    Equations when man cheat. The blessings of the prophesies of the chosen
    Man, dictated by satins children, churn away from the wisdom of Gods spoken
    Words. To embody a legacy of truth, Murder begets murder, Nat Turner who
    was hanged upon the trees, as Jesus, Malcolm, Medgar, Death by the
    Words of prophecies as they killed Jesus because of the prophecies of
    a great King. Oh the bitter taste that lives upon our garden of rotten roots.
    Many faceless black men
    and women hanged and
    the subsides of a people
    treason they sit among the
    oppressed, longing to belong.

    Where cowards hide behind the flag,
    like rats hidden within a garbage can.
    Turning owns one another when freedom calls are stand.

    Black masculinity, subsided by loose
    wombs poisoning the fertility of
    Creations, Living within the dark holes
    of the ghetto, the mind is a ghetto
    when the rats are allowed to run free.
    Never feeling the whip, never feeling
    the loose, never feeling the coldness
    of the night, never feeling the heated lead that flash upon the night.

    Like the burning cross upon mans
    door a reminder ******, Jesus
    Died upon the cross, as he as you,
    I have prepared a tree with
    Your name, now the conformity
    of self repeats the messages
    That is branded in the mind of self,
    children of lesser faith
    When there roots of a lesser
    God live by the rules of satan.

    Man who lives by the devils plan, now man has
    changed the creations of Gods plan,
    Man marry man, Women marry women.
    A slap in he creator’s face, and the black man
    the legacy of the heavens. Seals the book
    and write the scripts that satan demands.

    Copywriter 2004
    all rights reserved
    Author Jacqueline A
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    keep speaking i'm listening

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    Im wondering when you are going to drop your book. I keep finding better pieces from you the deeper that I look. Another one that I had to dig up.
    Thanks for sharing this piece.

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    sista I have you can find me on the internet who is jacqueline amos author.
    noumi collections