Black People : Blacks in USA 2 day victims- prevelant and detremental system of covert white racism

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    Please forward this information and post it upon your web sites spread this truth. Because there is in fact no fight more pressing for we African Americans then this one. For this is not one that we can afford to leave for yet another generation this is one that we must fight and win now or die trying because our liberation from despair is dependent upon it.

    A monumental disclosure that the U.S. Government does not ever want realized by its African American population is that Blacks in America today are victims of a more prevelant and detremental system of covert white racism. In 1968 when the earlier more blatant system of white racism used in the past to maintain white dominance had ran its course, thus became no longer moral and socially acceptable, the United States Government secretly reincarnated its method of suppressing and exploiting its black population by utilizing its proven method of COINTEL PRO against its entire Black population. Moreover, it is this ongoing secret governmental operation that is the core factor of the now unprecedented profound division, confused outlook, and many disparities now afflicting modern Black America.
    This is not some conspiracy theory premise that perpetuates Black defeatism. Nor is this a case of one peddling victim-hood in a frivolous attempt to absolve our race of our own responsibilities. This is the truth! The truth that we have been trained not to see-- trained by the false world that has been pulled over our eyes.

    Most of we African Americans are aware of White America's past usage of psychological warfare; such as the mentally mortifying slave indoctrination process used against our ancestors during the era of slavery and also the many method's of psychological warfare used during the 1960's through The governments Cointelpro Program against the Black Panthers and many other Civil rights leaders and organizations, but very few Blacks today are aware that they themselves are now the ongoing victims of the United States Government's psychological Warfare. Moreover that it is the largest and most successful Cointelpro program to date against America's Black population. And its more sophisticated, prevelant and arguably more devastating then any type of racist system ever before faced by African Americans.

    Today African Americans are ongoing victims of false mis-information that are deliberately designed to meet the U.S. government's racist objective of maintaining its white dominance. Through the national media --at the behest of the United States Government-- African Americans are being deliberately bombarded by false negative derogatory misinformation and statistics that are designed to divide, confused and produced internalized racism and self hatred among its African American population.

    The negative derogatory information and statistics that falsely perpetuates white moral and intellectual superiority over its black population,are being deliberately disseminated through the national media to create a consensual environment -before the world audience- that allows the U.S. government to disproportionately mistreat it's Black population through its judicial and prison systems.[its justifies the disproportioned incarceration of its black populous] Moreover, it also meets the government's objective of maintaining its white dominance by producing psychological feelings among its Black population that pulverizes Black unity thus reducing black upward mobility.

    The is the truth that we have been trained not to see. A world of were there exist a more detrimentally prevalent, yet covert, system of white racism of where in which the Black psyche is so bombarded by negative misinformation of themselves that it becomes literally easier, for many blacks to actually acquire the belief that the problem of Black America has more to to due with themselves than that of white racism. A sophisticated system of covert white racism of were blacks are made to believe that the playing fields are now even and that the greatest threat to we Black people are ourselves. In fact this campaign has been so successful and effective that today many blacks will lash out and attack another black person for making the claims that white racism is still the core problem in America.

    Although this disclosure is one that is extremely important to we African Americans, it will never be remedied by our so called Black leaders and Civil right organization today. Because these organization receives millions of dollars each year in funding towards their annual budgets from the United States Government , this as with their governmental granted 501C3 tax exempt nonprofit status that allows them to get tax free public funding keeps these civil right organization indebted to the U.S. Government therefore they will never engage with in any issue revealing any of the U.S. Government's anti-Black agenda. These so call black leaders today merely turn a blind eyes selling out the black masses; they are today's house Negroes.

    When ever white our allowed to run the score board thus being allowed to be the score keepers they will used psychological warfare that perpetuates their superiority over others groups. Have history not already shown us this? To rescue ourselves from this real life Black matrix -- a prison for the Back mind we must first over come a psychologically en-grained white is right perception that has been unrelentingly indoctrinated upon our psyches and then put aside our prior negative assumption of ourselves. We must then assess our own strenghts and weakness- starting from scratch accepting no data of ourselves given to us by the white Government . Whether it is school failures, suicidal rates, abortion rate, etc..or even there statistic that claims that we makeup just only 12 to 13% of the American population[ they've been telling us this lie for many decades as is were not having babies. They're deliberately giving us smaller numbers to subjugate gate us because they fear us truly ever knowing our real strength in numbers.

    Because the internet is saturated with false stories, I'm certain that this has caused many of us to become wearing of some its contents . I however assure you all that the following contents is totally the truth. Moreover, I encourage you all to fully investigate its contents.

    This information is extremely relevant to all Black people and the following contents are all excerpt from my self published underground book entitled the Black Matrix: the Modern Mental and Social Suppression of African Americans Under National interest (c) 2006. [No this is not a cheap and frivolous attempt to promote my book please read on further] I'm an African American author, lecturer, and activist that have dedicated the remaining years of my life towards exposing the following suppressed information to our people. Ive lectured at many respected Black Colleges and Universities. Because of this I'm often the target of many threatening phone calls. [from white male voices threatening to kill me ] Because America does possess a history of silencing those of us that dares to speak the truth, I do not take these threat too lightly . It is for this reason that I ask that you all --the recipients of these e-mail--please saturate the web with this information pass it on and forward it to all that will listen. So therefore if these threats are ever made good than the truth won't also die with me. I ask only that you not change or pervert its contents other than shortening it for content and gramer correction. Please do not pervert it with derogatory anti-white sentiments keep it clean and truthful and post with it always its origin. Thank you. Hotep-Saturate the world with this following truth. []
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    thank you for this post

    this is a universal

    sometimes when people get "theirs" they forget about the rest of us

    hey i ain't mad at nobody because you have to eat

    but man like i said what about the rest of us

    in brooklyn white and black use to live side by side i believe back in the 1930's

    then the government came in and RED LINED and separated us

    so you make the call

    yea people will say this and that

    but they are brainwashed and don't even know it

    and scared to think