Black People : Blacks in trouble and need Black advice

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    Blacks in trouble and need Black advice
    Originally posted 7/28/2005

    Prisons are built to warehouse the enemies of the state and not to simply
    imprison the violators of the penal laws. If the latter were the case, the
    prisons would be filled with whites. Instead, it is filled with a class of
    persons whose movements in this country have been curtailed for four hundred years in the interest of national security. Arabs, on the other hand, still enjoy freedom from wholesale incarceration.

    Freedom of movement and the right to privacy separate a free people from an
    enslaved people. To maintain control, enslaved Africans were confined to
    plantations. To leave the plantation, they had to be in possession of passes.
    This meant that Blacks had to remain unable to write in English. Thus, the “War on Terrorism” is, of necessity, a badge of slavery.

    Blacks and whites read the Thirteenth Amendment differently. Blacks read it asliterally ending slavery. Whites read it as continuing slavery. Blacks emphasize the main text. Whites look for the legal loopholes. History shows a connection between emancipation and the establishment of penitentiaries.
    Because Blacks are not allowed to enjoy their own legal representation, we must wait for white liberals and their Black sidekicks to define legal issues for us.

    The interests of white liberals are antithetical to the interests of Blacks.
    Only a Black person who believes that he or she is passing would seek to equate these competing interests.

    White liberals define our current plight in constitutional terms. To them, there
    is a current erosion of the Fourth Amendment. For Blacks, there has always been a breach of the Fourth Amendment. It took until 1961 for the Supreme Court to require the states to honor it in principle. The Supreme Court retreated in 1968 by holding that urban Blacks could not find complete sanctuary in the Fourth Amendment.

    Before the Civil War, Blacks were subject to the slave codes. The Black codes
    supplanted them. The codes still harbor legal customs even though most Blacks have never read them. Of course, ignorance of the law is no excuse. From the Black codes, it is very easy to dragnet Blacks into martial law.
    Random searches, clearly permitted under military justice, are violations in a
    free society. These searches retard freedom of movement and deprive persons of the right to privacy. Any consent to search should be free and voluntary and not subject to the denial of a privilege. Intelligence and not surveillance stops terrorism.

    Random searches, per se, give rise to racial profiling. Police departments are
    inherently racists. Racism was the seed that gave rise to vigilantism and
    state-sponsored, law enforcement agencies. We must wait for civil liberties
    groups to sue on our behalf. It should have happened yesterday. Don’t hold your breath, however. These groups are in cahoots with law enforcement agencies.

    Blacks are waiting for white liberals to tell us that we are living under shades
    of martial law. Unlike the Japanese, it will take some time to intern all of us.
    A panic would ensue if they told us our true legal status right now. No other
    race relies on other people for legal advice. We suffer from xenophilia.
    You can feel the nooses being tightened around our Adam’s apples. After
    propaganda, the next stage of warfare is deception. The recent, failed bombings in London are marketing strategies to promote surveillance cameras and to paint the face of terrorism Black. Those four photographs, appearing on the front page of virtually every newspaper, are suspect.

    In the meantime, Black leaders appeared on radio talk shows this past Sunday to fight like cats and dogs over white men’s crumbs; namely, the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. None of them remember the Indians saying “the white man speaks with forked tongue.” To them, it is just a question of which white men offer the best deal.

    It was embarrassing to listen to these radio interviews. Black leadership is
    bankrupt and incompetent. None of them are aware that the founding fathers are working against them. To make matters worse, I represented most of them pro bono. Now, it is clear that most of them would stab us in the back on minute’s notice. We are being primed for concentration camps.

    We need legal directions. If it is not the Atlantic Yards, it is the proposed,
    peaceful assembly in Washington in October. This proposed march refuses to
    challenge the First Amendment and, therefore, it is a half-stepping proposal.
    Blacks can ill-afford to half-step in 2005.

    The right of peaceful assembly is only a condition precedent to petitioning the
    government for a redress of grievances. When you assemble peaceably on federal land, the First Amendment is automatically invoked. We may as well go for all the marbles since our ancestors built the White House and Capitol Hill.

    To satisfy the First Amendment, Blacks would have to tour Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill and “nail” our petition to the White House, the Supreme Court and Congress. The citation of authorities for petitioning the government for a redress of grievances include Dred Scott, Frederick Douglass, the Colfax Massacre, A. Phillip Randolph, Adderly v. Florida, Malcolm X and Dr. John HenrikClarke.

    Racial unity can only be ensured provided that we respect and consult our
    ancestors before we initiate any collective action. “Let the chips fall where
    they may.” It must not be a personal agenda. Our ancestors have nothing to gain from the physical realm other than the liberation of their offspring.
    Whites are guided by a hidden hand – the founding fathers. This is why
    Republicans control the three branches of the federal government. The party that bears the closest resemblance to the ideology of the founding fathers will rule the roost. This warning comes from Howard Dean, head of the Democratic Party.

    Like Bush 43, I am also a strict constructionist and believe in original intent.
    I strictly adhere to the teachings of my divine ancestors and consult with them on every issue, including this article. They despised the founding fathers. I am in favor of petitions including the petition of Dred Scott, which demanded reparations.

    If I had turned my back on my ancestors, I would have found many friends in New York and would have been living high off the hog. Black people will support you with their lives and their finances if you betray your divine ancestors. But see Exodus 20:12. Also, list the churches that display a Black Jesus. This is the dilemma for Blacks surviving in a racist society.