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    Hello Family,

    Our Blacks in the Political Arena workshop held every Saturday night @ 8 pm ET, encourages me to ask questions and be concerned regarding this entire political system. Is there any hope that good can come directly from it, toward us, Black Folk?

    Brother Will hosts this workshop and along with his guest host, Brother Bill, and all the Family Members that join in, much is discussed. For example, there has only been one Black elected governor in the history of this country. Am i the only one that finds this alarming? Doesn't that say something about this entire voting process and how it represents us? Where is our percent of the population represented in this number?

    Given the history of how Black folk came to vote and all the hurdles they put before us once the right was given, and the most recent set of events, the appointment of the current President, how can we continue to have faith in this process?

    It was said that there are 40,000 elected Black officials across this country. Is this true? Are the numbers close? If so, why is the meting out of justice so blatantly in favor of others, right in our face? Why are Black folk locked up for crimes, that white folk never spend time for, yet they commit much more often than us? Why does it make a difference if you are rich or poor when it comes to justice? Why do we allow this? Is it because this political system was not meant to treat us just and no matter how often we vote, we will never realize true justice within it? Why aren't these Black elected officials addressing and resolving this issue and others like it?

    Can our continued support of the current political system insure that eventually equity will come to us? How much longer will it be? Or have we become so accustomed to 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th class treatment that we are comfortable in it and want nothing more?

    I'm rather disheartened regarding the political climate as it affects Black folk and find it difficult to encourage our youth that this is the way to seek change. We have played their game for as long as they have allowed us, and look how far it's brought us. Are there any alternatives, if so, what are they? We need something to encourage our youth. Shall we continue to have them hope for changes to occur in a political system that has never treated us properly?

    Please share your views and also, join us on Saturday nights @ 9 pm ET in voice chat ... ... to take part in the informative, lively, heated, and respectful discussions hosted by Brother Will.