Black Poetry : Blacks in Sports: Spell Boycott

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    BLACKS IN SPORTS: Can you spell boycott
    By Andre Austin

    Attention, Attention Sports Cadet
    Have you read the contract fine print
    Did U read the Wall Street Journal to understand how much your Master Nets
    No U were in the dorm room eating Hot Dogs and drinking a pint

    Of the liquor: “Captain Morgan”
    Be careful now because they profit off of healthy organs

    Your arms, legs, feet but not the head of your pain
    You’re nothing but an asset, a profit and a gain

    You are their ace, their Jack of Spades
    But admiring the Black beauty , Black love between Union & Wade

    Stop a minute, Hey your life, your future is at stake
    And you didn’t read all that was put on the plate

    Running around like a horse track stallion on their Ranch
    Please go google the Atlantic Monthly article by Taylor Branch (2012)

    Catch an injury and u loose the 4-year ride
    You signed all the papers without your eyes being wide
    Now you on the bench and soon to be kicked to the side
    Then you contemplating drinking a cocktail of cyanide

    Now you just under a school daze
    The boosters and the alumni got you in a have

    Head turwling off of concussions and couldn’t learn a lesson
    Do I take the poison pill or do I take a Smith & Wesson

    Now you can’t fight or play no more in their sports ring; U were just a passing fling
    Because the quarterback can’t throw again with his arm in a sling
    Nevertheless, the “Student-Athlete” should still hear school bells ring
    Edit the contract towards lifetime education; with one accord we all should sing
    Education for all the players and their offspring

    The university wants a Sports Messiah’s son who comes to seek and save
    The college from its red financial grave
    The dealers in the bodies; wake up tasked and plundered slave
    While the fans inside the Bread & circus do the mindless wave

    Crooks in the sky-box have no love for you and you are not their friend
    Watch the documentary of the Fab five produced by ESPN

    Did Chris Weber take that time out or did he take a dive
    We love our black men who boats, showboat and trash talk some jive

    We can watch a B-Ball or football game eating Captain Crunch
    Factories can roll Cadillac’s from assembly lines but can’t duplicate Ali’s punch

    Or Magic Johnson spells of casting off a supper bad pass
    Dick Gregory accused of point shaving; somebody kick the ancient Mummy’s assss

    You do the tango while we do the touchdown Dance & trash talk we say
    Our effectiveness is diminished if we suppress a flamboyant style of play

    Just ask Ali with his voodoo doll of Frazier as a Gorilla
    Reached his climax peek with the thriller in Manila

    A spiritual man gives all he can for not
    A politician takes all he can from what you got
    When the black Athlete becomes aware his temper will surely get hot
    The **** will hit the fan when he learns how to spell B.O.Y.C.O.T.T