Black People : Blacks can climb ladders all they want...

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    I have permission to post Mighty warrior Kevin's writings.
    Blacks can climb ladders all they want...because as long as they're divided
    by the hypnosis of depressing mentalities, spiritual poverty, imbalanced
    politics and/or educational systems, not of our interest or nature... That
    crab, those crabs, those devils (whether conscious or not) will mysteriously
    rise to pull you down (directly-indirectly) again and again into the
    continuations of our untimely end... I look out and I see...divided and
    nearly conquered in mind thus body thus hope for a unified experience by
    religions, political tyranny, bias education thus creating
    economic-educational classisms... All justified through "God"... Black
    people wake up; it is us who are dying in these shifting times by the mass
    loads in which we were snatched, in which we arrived... (That "arrival line"
    how false the "absolute"...) We the people, led by "the mind" that bounds
    us... We who can now only believe with a depleting know how as to actually
    thinking... Which is balance, the gift of God... Kevin D. Ervin 2006 c.