Black People : Blacks Born Rich / Wealthy ?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Hello Family,

    I recently saw a program about Steve Harvey and his struggle to stardom. He talked of living in a car for 2 years, bathing in public hotel bathrooms, the trials and tribulations of a Black person becoming successful / rich / wealthy in America.

    It mirrored so many other struggling stories i've heard regarding our people.

    It made me wonder if there are any Black people who didn't start out on the (financial) bottom?

    I don't really want this to become a thread on the definition of rich / wealthy.

    However you define that, is there anyone you know, who started that way, and maintained their financial riches / wealth?

    Do you know how many generations in their family, experienced these riches / wealth?

    How did they obtain their riches / wealth?

    We need to know who these Sisters and Brothers are.

    Makes no difference where in the world they are.

    Please share if you know of them.



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    This is an excellent question Destee. It is a false perception that all black people come from poverty. Although this is probably true of the majority, the reality is the many don't. There are some black families who have managed to keep their financial status from generation to generation, which is the true test of wealth. One thing to consider is that in the last century of slavery (1800s) roughly 10% of blacks in the country were freedmen. Many of these brothers and sisters had their own businesses, and they had a distinct advantage over other blacks when slavery ended. Until the explosion of blacks going to college and the phenomenon of wealthy black entertainers; it was these individuals who mostly made up the black middle and upper classes.

    One of the most famous blacks who came from a well to do family (upper middle class if not wealthy) was none other than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who father was also a preacher and important figure in black society. Lawyer and Civil Rights Activist Wiley Branton was born to a family of business owners and entrepreneurs on both sides of his family. His father and grandfather owned a black taxi company called the Branton98. His maternal grandfather had a private contract with the US Postal Service to deliver mail in Pine Bluff, GA. Another example would be the children born to John Johnson of Ebony/Jet Magazine. The son of Robert Johnson of BET is yet another black person born to money. I don't believe Robert Johnson himself was born to money. However his ex-wife Sheila Crump (who co-founded BET and is the nation's 1st black female billionaire), was from one of the wealthiest families in Maywood, Illinois.

    These are some examples of wealthy black families in America. It would be difficult for me to compile a detailed list in a short period of time, because most of these families don't advertise their position. One thing I should point out is that just like wealthy families of other races, wealthy black families have historically married within their social circle. I've always been amazed at the number of black people who believe the Cosby show (Mr. Cosby's family is another one who is passing wealthy down across generations) was unrealistic. A black doctor marrying a black lawyer is perfectly logical and realistic. A real life example of this is Baltimore's 1st black mayor, Kurt Schmoke and his wife.

    On an international scale the children and families of many African presidents live lifestyle which many people can only dream of. Brother Ibrahim posted a picture of King Mswati III of Swaziland who lives a life of true royalty. The Nguemas of Equatorial Guinea also live the life of billionaires (although they gained their wealth by oppressing the people of the country). The eldest son of the President, Teodorin Nguema is reportedly dating rap star Eve:

    In one display of his inherited wealth, he rented a yacht for $700,000 to host a party to impress Eve (tell me how the average brother on the street is going to be able to compete with that?). Again this is just a few example of the many cases of black wealth in the world. The notion of blacks not having wealth is simply not true. What is true is that unfortunately the majority of blacks who have wealth don't use it to benefit other black people. This is the pattern which we must seek to change.
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    This is the most underestimated advantage of the white American. Certainly not ALL black people are born in poverty and have to struggle to attain wealth, but as panafrica has already quoted the majority are. White people on the other hand are leaving behind estates, inheritances, insurance benefits etc. This is how many average white Americans with middle class status can live comfortably, while black American with the same middle class status is more likely to live from paycheck to paycheck.