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Dec 13, 2010
Texas...for now.
I myself, have been looking at investments. I however trust no bank and trust no market. But I am into Forex. As well as mutual funds, annuities and municipal bonds.
I do agree that we need to have some numbers in the investment market but I am leery. You should always have gold. Not gold on paper neither. I mean real gold.
I have a few things in place. Have land as an asset and some stocks. But I think on the scale of trade. If no money is any good what will you trade or have to trade. Great post though.

pretty shells 'n beads? lol

no, im just playing. ppl have bartered with cigarretes for crapscsake! you can barter with services and skills: can you build things? can you treat wounds and render care? do u have a green thumb? can u track good r your land nav skills?

some skillsets r applicable regardless. others...not so much. ppl like my husband r going to b up a creek if the economy hits the skids. lol. he's going to b glad that he married me if the pooh hits the fan. I don't really 'get' his job. its challenging work. its impressive but its not useful in all realities. imo trading, ibanking and brokering and such truly boast some of the most useless skills on the planet, when u think about it.
no offense shikamura. lol

anyway ---

we have lots of land out in the country. wild hogs r always roaming about in s texas. hundreds of them. so I figure - in post apocalyptic america - that'll b good enough. lol
you just need a place to rest your head, clean running water and access to food.

gold? that's fine. yall might b overestimating its importance. the usefulness would depend on the reality. how the society or individuals consider its worth.
I only value gold bc others seem this time: barely. i really won't care much for it if the markets fell.

I mean- can u eat it or...? lol

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