Chief Elder Osiris : Blacks And Attitude, An Enemy to the Black Afrikan

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    Hoteph my dear beloved adeajayi:

    My beloved, I truly understand what you are saying and why you say such
    thing and what I am about to say my beloved, I truly mean no disrespect to
    you nor others who may think as you do, in this regard.

    Now, My brother which is really the prime and fore most villain, is it the
    one who did the cutting upon us or is it our ineptness in taking care of the
    wound which was not caused by us upon ourselves?

    As a matter of fact, we will allow the wound to fester as we assist the
    villain in causing more wounds upon ourselves.

    Is it not a fact if the villain had not struck the first blow, there would
    be no wound to take care of or room for us to criticize how we deal with the
    wound as we assist the villain in causing more wounds?

    Where does the evil reside here, is it in the attacker or the assistance to
    the attacker?

    Here is our problem my dear beloved, we Black Afrikans act as if our origin
    was steeped in ignorance, servitude and out side dependency on someone other
    than our Black Afrikan selves.

    Beloved what we see of ourselves today is not what we were yesterday, to use
    a phrase.

    What you see of the Black Afrikan is what we have been made to become my
    brother and the blow that now cause our pain and suffering did not come upon
    us by us initially.

    Until we are able to know who we really were as Black Afrikan people, before
    we became as we are today, we will always hold the guilty party that
    committed the crime upon us, up to high esteem, because, our belief about
    what we see of us today we credit it upon ourselves, letting the guilty
    party go free and will stand to the death in defending the devil that first
    brought the sin we now take blame for, into our once sinless house.

    No! No! my dear brother adeajayi, I will not, I can not refer to this
    devilish white man as my brother while he never has done the brotherly thing
    toward the Black Afrikan nation, NEVER!!!


    Are you my beloved, suggesting that we should be loving the white man, who
    is the author and finisher of that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery
    and not blame him for all of the evil trouble he has cause to come upon the
    Black Afrikan nation and still is to this day, and just settle for blaming
    our sisters and brother for their complicity in that enslaving action, whose
    action was motivated by conning, trickery and deception?

    No! No! my brother, I will blame the guilty party for the great harm and
    destruction they have caused to come to our black Afrikan House and I will
    blame him, the white man I speak of, and all of the others who wear the
    innocent Black Afrikan blood stain upon their evil hand, and will do so
    until they repent, justly so, for the evil they have and is doing to the
    Black Afrikan as I speak and capitulate to our Enslaved Ancestors, in the
    form of Reparation, for all of the harm and free labor they so rendered to
    this devilish white man.

    No my beloved, this is no disrespect to you, just that devilish white man
    you now call your brother, while he yet to treat not you, but us as a Black
    Afrikan Nation, with brotherly respect.

    Here Is Loving You My Dear Brother


    Chief Elder

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    > Dear Chief Osiris,
    > I know the song you are singing and why you sing it. Your assertions are
    > correct, for the most part. I ,however, have the following to add.
    > No one group of people have the monopoly of goodness of evil. You cannot
    > blame white people for all the wrongs of the world. Black Africans were
    > complicit in all the accusations levelled against White people.
    > In America, as an Africn immigrant, you are more likely to face a more
    > vicious opposition from an African-American than a White Colleague !. The
    > major
    > issue that accentuates the role of our Caucasian brothers is because
    > they
    > currently dominate the world economically, politically, scientifically and
    > militarily.Their power makes their actions for good or for ill, carry far
    > more
    > impact. Yet, there not intrinsically more perfidious than the African, the
    > Chinese or the Arab. In fact, in my sojourn in different parts of the
    > world ,
    > ifind more 'relative'equity and justice, compassion and sacrifice for
    > others,
    > most pronounced and pursued in the so much villified White world. I
    > gurantee you
    > that i am no "Tommie", and i would not fail to put any HUMAN who
    > transgresses my boundaries of acceptable conduct, firmly back in their
    > place.
    > However, Africans need to learn the virtue of cooperative endeavor, mutual
    > benevolence , and networking.We must first blame ourselves, before blaming
    > others.We must not just be individual stars, that do not want other stars
    > in the
    > constellation. WE must not be like the locust, who have no king. We need
    > to
    > become like the honey bee, that cooperatively makes honey, yet retains
    > its
    > deadly sting !!!