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Dec 31, 2009
I have a radical idea of how people will be chosen to inhabit one of the 144000 perfect bodies that are located under a pyramid somewhere. I think the key is to listen to and follow what our First Self says. According to BRS our First Self is our gut feelings/intuition. If we follow what our First Self says there will be no barriers placed before us because we are doing what our First Self want us to do or experience. If we do not follow what our First Self says then their will be barriers placed before us. This is similar to the message in part five of the Holographic Universe which says that our lives are written by a higher self. According to Black Roots Science prior to being born Black people write their own lives. The problem comes after we react to the lives that are written for us. For example someone could have a degree in communications but works as a Barber. Still after many years after obtaining his degree he still tries to get a job in communications. Maybe the First Self/Higher Self do not what you to have an experience in the communication field and that is why he is preventing you from getting a job in communications but you are stubborn and try over and over again despise not having any doors open for you.

So, I'm thinking that whosoever relies or obeys their first self correctly or most often will have a chance to incarnate in one of the 144000 perfect bodies.

Also in part five of the Holographic Universe the host says that his first self manifested money out of thin air for him so he could complete a desired experience.


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Dec 31, 2009
God want Us To Experience Things, Else We Revert To 'Nothingness'?

This is very abstract thinking but Black Roots Science says as Above So Below.

The Nation of Islam, 5 percent, Black Roots Science says that the Black Man and woman are God. This means that we have all of the characteristics of 'God' as described in Black Roots Science.

Black Roots Science says that the mind of God is Nothing.
When we say the mind of God is nothing, that
doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It means the
mind is not a thing. It's obvious to everyone
that the mind, or consciousness, is not a tangible thing, yet it
is the source of all things.
2. At the end of the previous universe, our ancestors
expanded their mind beyond measure until it encompassed
their whole universe. That process of expansion caused an
apparent "contraction" of their universe until it was
"reduced" to the size of a single planet. The universe was not
reduced in reality, but when the mind is expanding, it
appears as if the universe is "contracting"
When they condense part of
their mind to form the stars and planets, they leave
"instructions" that become part of the condensation

An article I came across yesterday expanded on the Nothingness of God.
“He saw nothing, that is: God. God is a nothing and God is a something. What is something is also nothing.”

When our ancestors lived in 'perfect' bodies and 'perfect' civilizations before the coming of the White Race there only job/purpose was to create and experience new things.

I think today that has been loss on Black people for the most part. Most Black/Africans do not experience the world like our White counterparts. I have a subscription to Red Bulletin Magazine and see everyone (all the other races) besides Blacks/Africans going to different remote pats of the World snowboarding, surfing, cave diving etc...

Maybe this is the reason why a good number of us are still poor. Maybe if we do not make an effort to experience new things God would only provide us with the basic nececcities to live? And maybe the the only reason God gives some Blacks/Africans riches is because 'God' want them to go out into the World to experience and create new things and if this do not happen God will take all of the riches away?

In part five of the video series the Holographic Universe the host says that 'God' what he called the 'Infinite I' gave him money out of thin air just because he could experience something that 'God' or his 'Infinite I' or what Black Roots Science calls our First Self want us to experience.

I believe that God want us to experience every inch of the World since we (Blacks/Africans) created the World why shouldn't we experience it? Why should we be afraid to experience remote areas of the World like the other races?

I think if God really want us to experience something and if we make a serious effort he will provide the means for us to experience it. If you have in your mind that you want to visit 10 countries within the next 20 years if 'God' really want you to have these experiences he will provide for it long term.
For that reason, moderners (the light races) will never be
able to master matter. Matter can be mastered only by
those who created it and their descendants, because the
mind of our ancestors became our minds by a process of
separation. Our minds will once again become one mind
by a process of unity.

(BTY if you are interested in watching the Holographic Universe you can save a lot of time by watching the first 15 minutes or so of part 2, 3,4, and 5 because he recaps everything from the previous video).


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Dec 31, 2009
I think I might have and idea where the perfect 144000 perfect bodies that Black Roots Science says is located somewhere 'below' a Pyramid in Egypt and how to access it.

According to BRS these bodies need to be inhabited by us in order to begin a new civilization.

This is very, very, very theoretical and kinda crazy but could it be possible that the 144000 perfect bodies are located below the 'Nothingness' of the mind of God?

I came across this article and video that basically reworks the big bang theory exactly how Black Roots Science says happens.

According to the article and BRS there was no Big Bang but and expansion. Still the expansion had to have a beginning point. And according to the article and video the beginning point is 'nothingness'. according to famous scientist Dr. Michio Kaku there are two kinds of Nothingness. the First is the Void or Cosmic Nothingness that is filled with Dark Energy. And the second is not filled with Dark Energy or any other substance. IMO I think that the second nothingness is the Mind of God and this nothingness should have depth and levels to it even though I'm sure there are no modern day instruments that can detect it. According to the article the the size of the unobservable Universe is about 10^(10 to the 30) times the size of our observable Universe!

If they the case if you apply As Above So Below shouldn't the depth of nothingness that begins of the point of expansion be atleast the same size of the unobservable Universe 10^(10 times 30).

If so I'm thinking that it might be possible for the perfect 144000 bodies to be located within this nothingness some 10^(10 times 30).

If this is the case then how can we get to this 'Nothingness'? Besides living a simple life free of most material things and possessions maybe it will be a good idea to keep on doing the exercises suggested in Black Roots Science repeatedly?


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