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Apr 18, 2008
BlackMenVent Radio is your personal window into the Black Mans Mind in this modern struggle we call Life. What your ears are about to witness are the thoughts and comments of actual black men UNRESTRICTED. No-Holds-Barred conversation on a wide range of subjects including (but definitely not limited to) Politics, Women, Sports, and current events in the media.

Each Podcast is set up with a group of single young Black Men (25+), in various professional fields, who keep an overall POSITIVE outlook on life. We're not saying we're perfect; you be the judge of that.

The main focus of BlackMenVent Radio, is to address the issues in black culture that prevent us as a people from raising to a higher quality of life. Why are only 30% of us married? Why do we point the finger at each other when problems occur? Why are the youth growing up with a immoralistic view of life? What happened to the family structure?

Toes get stepped on, and feelings get hurt, because these gentleman pull no punches. They are not afraid to say what needs to be said. Listen with an open mind, and you WILL learn a lot. Reality Radio at it's best.

Each new (weekly) show is packed with Premium Hip-Hop & Reggae tracks recorded in quality sound (128kbs), under 80 minutes, making them ideal for burning them to CD-R (or your iPod), and listening to them on your morning commute.

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