Black Poetry : BlackMan Whispers pt.II

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    Blackman cry, His whisper is his deed
    from which thy heart may truely bleed
    blackman vs african colour vs shades
    self egos and da double edge blade

    Our fight is mighty and high
    but attacks beyond da reason why
    can you hear him da voice he choose
    in a war against his own creed

    Why hurt daddy , my brother that son
    later from anger we pick up da gun
    bang bang !! down another one
    or destruction of thy tongue

    Blackman delima his pain now stain
    the hope wit confusion against da grain
    beyond thy gift da use of one's brain
    blackman has forgotten his name

    Our talent is wide long and great
    but we choose to be da enemy of da state
    fussing fighting acting fake
    not understanding his brother's fate

    No one knows da blackman pain
    nor is goal in this society which claim
    the truth of his life as thy woman take aim
    casting him off like he's a side show

    Why do we hunt and prey on our own
    then we sing this bonding song
    cheating beating everything we have
    yet betray on da end we last

    I love you brother one's heart cry
    we in different battles but da same war
    judge me not for you know not what i stor
    treat me as i am , a man of color down to my core

    Different shade / background and life
    but in society treated the same
    callin me such dirty name pushing me to dat edge
    our struggle i give unto him thy master
    but as a blackman/african/brother of colour
    I hurt n' pain inside the walls of A-me-ri-ka
    searching .......Save me!

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