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Sep 17, 2012
Sometimes I wonder if I am dealing with adults here. Of course most of the black men in jail are guilty. A substantial number of them have plead guilty to the crime they were charged with. Charges of racism are so common coming from black people, that it is disappointing when the charge is not made.

Since I work in law enforcement I feel that I should respond. Being guilty of a crime and serving time are two different things. One can be guilty and still be aquitted. Witness OJ and Michael Jackson. Both are black and rich. There was all kinds of evidence mounted against both of them, everything except a video tape, yet because of money and good attorney's they got off. This is what happens to many whites also, they pay an atorney to get them off. Poor black men use court appointed attorneys, who are not interested in them because they aren't making a big pay check from the case, so they tell them to plead guilty to a lesser charge and go to jail for a shorter period of time. It's simple economics and culture in most cases, not just race.

The jails are so overcrowder, that they are releasing convicts before they serve their time. So "no", it's not about putting as many black men in jail as possible. I read on Black America Web, that in Baltimore they are actually aqiuitting guilty young black men of murder, because they don't want to appear to be racist. Some of these men return to their communities and wreak more havoc.

We are a people who, for the mnost part, are totally dependent on white folks for our survival. That is why there are racial problems. They hear your racial slurs too, but they can retaliate. What can you do but complain? We have to start caring more about our yung black men who are lost and want to find a way to the right path. The rest can stay behind bars

The slavery issue is dead and should be buried. This is like a black eye, if someone hit me and gave me a black eye, I'd go home an nurse myself back to health. I wouldn't let it fester for one hundred and fifty years, while waiting for the assailant to come back and make restitution. Hell, he might just hit me in the other one, and put his foot up my butt too.

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Jul 18, 2013
brooklyn ny
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Greetings...I AM Abena...the RE~covering Afreekan enslaved in amerikkka and RE~presenting the Voices in the Margins..and...who is truetothecause of Afreekan Liberation...

You know Jamesfromphilly (my hometown)
I overstand that Men of AFreekan Descent commit "crimes" primary problem today and the whole reason I trust WE are seeking liberation is because the "laws" are CREATED BY THEM and are Unequally applied...
now I'm going to "talk" about this and be back....

judging from the heated exchanges about micheal vick, i get the feeling that some folk feel blackman is never guilty.
when ever a brother is up in the court it is always the white injustice system out to get him. homie ain't never commit no crime.

let's put aside the fact that in philly, the injustice system is heavily populated by black judges, attorneys and police.
we all know any black working in criminal justice is a sell out, right? a real brother would never become a detective, right?
must be a sell out.

is blackman ever guilty of anything? what would the system have to do to convince black folks that it is a real crime?
do black people want the justice system dis banded? free all the prisoners? no snitch? shall we go back to no law at all?

is every blackman always a victim?

In the law if you are a victim of a crime and the victim commits a crime during victimization they are not charged.
For example if a women is kidnaped and kills the kidnaper in order to escape she is not charged with murder.

If the whiteman is the greatest murder and uncivil man of all times and the framing of our government was established by him during the enslavement of peoples the rules that are in existence are still framed in such a way that victimizes the African party involved. Therefore while the black man is still in a state that does not allow him to live in his natural way on a level playing field with equal access to resources from the start , the black man is not free. A slave can not commit a crime because he is only a victim trying to escape from the arms of the state and express his nostalgia for freedom. So yes according to our own laws he is not guilty.

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