Law Forum : blackman never guilty of a crime?


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Dec 30, 2006
:sick: In a corrupted body and weakened immune system, the very faculties that are there to protect and serve become virulent and destructive. Is it *Personal*? In the ravenous throws of Cancer or the bowels of "the Hood" or even the atrocities exemplified in Sierra Leone/Freetown (concerning diamonds ect) one is left with coping by any means necessary. (Anarchy reigns)


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
jamesfrmphilly said:
and how would you know? i was around when the real deal was going down, where were you?

you are the first and only ones to enter the thread with personal attacks.
in truth, you are the ones bringing divisiveness to the thread.
as you have nothing of a positive nature to offer i hope you go else where.
HaHaHaHahahahahaaha...this is very funny to M.E.....


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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
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Therious said:
Well in myneighboorhood fools was getting shot and crack getting sold but they started a neighborhood watch (black operated). They would simply have the police patrol not snitch but just patrol.

I think as stated in the book " The Destruction Of Black Civiliztation" there should be a security force for blacks. That not only watches our community, but also watches those from outside including police.

But I don't know how realistic (at least in our life time) that is or how long it would take to set that up. You know I saw a video of an 80 yr old man being beaten by a young black dude in attempt to steal his car. I can agree the problem is at the root. I used to do stupid things as a teenager/early twentiesager (never that violent but i was a law breaking dude). what stopped me from ruining my self was knowledge and reading books taking classes ect. The problem is at the root , education, media imaging,but that song is so old. obviously 3 strikes or more cops stops nothing.

In Norfolk, VA several murders have occured this summer. The black ppl in the city of norfolk have decided it's time to change things, they are organizing neighborhood watch programs ect. They got fed up when two young dudes were murdered in the same night, it's the wild west down here. i'm sure Philly is worse since it's so much bigger.

BTW I was just in Philly two weeks ago, man your highways are terrible, i get lost everytime im there.
If I may add to this [dont want to call it communty policing...but] get homeowners and black businesses together and HIRE Private Security.

If you start homeowners association or federation and hire your own security it usually takes jurisdiction over the police.

Something folks wont tell you in authority but one thing I learned being a community federation and board member in a community in Los Angeles.

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