Black People : Black Women VS Black Men???Nooooo

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Seneb, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    [email protected] the brother went hard on the sisters.In my view he made some interesting points as the impact of white feminism on the black woman.What do you think sisters......AND BROTHERS:em2300:

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Ok, I have seen these videos on another discussion board. ( So I am going on memory because I refuse to listen to them again )

    Those type of videos perpetuate the problem and heightens one gender at the expense of another.

    Listen to this dude !! He gives whites a free pass with slavery and makes the statement that slavery is because the black women want to be divas instead of Queens. If you pay attention, It's not only insulting to black women but REAL black men as well.

    If the black man brain is dead because of the black woman. How stupid are these so called black men that allows a black woman or anybody else to kill them.

    Hun, these type of videos only cause more division amongst us Our men are Kings , just as we are Queens. If we learn to value that!! These sort of garbage videos that may sound sweet to the ears of the brother, that has low self worth, the brother that is mad and angry at the world, and the brothers that needs to be stroked, by any mean necessary.

    The "side way" insults is just too obvious. No one gender is greater hun. No one gender, is less necessary. No one gender, is not vital to OUR survival. Not the Black man , and not the black woman. The POWER and STRENGHT is when we merge TOGETHER.

    Take a look of our hstory beyond slavery. We built temples where scholars will wait for years just to enter to obtain the knowledge. The greatest Kings and Queens and what they acheived and gave to man-kind was because they understood, value, not only their roles but the role of their partners.

    Wars wasn't won by just male warriors. We never been docile or played the "weak" card. Where he was strong it countered our weakness and same vice verser. Thats the completion. Like a puzzle. One puzzle piece counters the other and thier you have the perfect fit.

    Hell, we fought along side our men, because when he lost , we lost. Even when they captured slaves in the motherland, Did you see the slave castles and what kind of fortressthey built ?? Why would they build such a fortress.

    Because they was coming to get their loved ones and many, many clans lost their lives in the process. The ultimate sacrifice for family !!!

    Please hun, Love you enough to throw garbage back in the trash. I don't care how much they sprinkle suger on it. Try to disguise it. Make it sound all sweet and good. Those videos are stinkin up the joint.

    As much as I love my brothers, And Need my man. I aint belittleing myself to make him SEEM great. Hell, he better know that he is great and come from greatness. He aint hardly throwing my butt under the bus to take focus off of him.

    Its an European method of mentally distorting truth at the expense of not blacks alone but black WOMEN. That means our mothers, sisters, daughters, and we should stop buying into that kinda garbage.

    I said my piece/peace lol