Black Entertainment : Black Women on Reality T.V.

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    I didn't know whether to put this the Entertainment thread or the Black Women thread....

    Anyways, I'm kind of disgusted...Well actually really disgusted with these reality television shows directed around African-American women...

    I feel that they do not portray us in a good light AT ALL...

    1. These shows are directed around women who are famous is some way
    2. Money, money, money....All they do is go around and complain and whine about or gloat about the money they are getting...
    For instance, they have a new show called 'Basketball Wives' these women are pure gold diggers. One of them who happens to be soon-to-be ex to Shaq. They talk about being in the "it crowd" and how men cheat all the time...The show is pure negativity if you ask me.
    3. Normal, average, day-to-day women cannot relate to these things these women go through.

    Anyways...I pulled up this article up...

    Black Women's Reality
    Date: Sunday, April 25, 2010, 11:20 pm
    By: Tonya Pendleton,


    What is the reality for black women these days? If you?re watching TV, you may be a little confused. No less than eight reality TV shows are directly focused around a black woman.

    LisaRaye McCoy stars in TV One?s ?The Real McCoy;? Tameka ?Tiny? Cottle and Toya Carter star together on the BET reality show ?Tiny and Toya;? Former TLC star Rozonda ?Chili? Thomas is the frontwoman for ?What Chili Wants;? Shaq?s ex-wife Shaunie O?Neal holds court with the rest of the ?Basketball Wives,? and Sandy ?Pepa? Denton, Fantasia and Monica all have been featured on their own reality shows.

    Aside from asking ?When does it end?? the question that could also be posed is just how realistic these widespread television snapshots of black women really are.

    Mainstream America has recently taken quite an interest in the lives of black women. Is it the impact of having a black couple in the White House or just savvy programming on the part of TV executives? Apparently, they?ve figured out that there is an audience that will slavishly follow the doings of rap stars? baby mommas and ex-wives, NBA players? baby momma and ex-fianc?es as well as the challenging searches for true love undergone by performers who?ve become less celebrated for their music than for their messy family and relationship dynamics.

    And of course, if anyone watched the second ABC ?Nightline? special that aired recently on the plight of single black women, you?d recognize that this interest has moved outside of reality TV scenarios and onto a lurid curiosity about the lives of black women off-screen. READ MORE

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    It's called 'follow the money.'

    If you do something to success, then you repeat the formula again and again until it is no longer a cash cow.
    Right now - shows centering around the exorbitant lives of black women are cash cows.
    You can say it started with shows like Flavor of Love, Charm School, and I Love New York, but those are only the shows I had watched when they were on.
    I heard there were reality shows on BET that also did well.

    As for how these shows represent and present us - indifferent.
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    Entertainment vs. Edutainment

    Entertainment vs. Edutainment

    Some people see entertainment as having the purpose of portraying reality. Others see entertainment as a vehicle for transforming of reality.

    Edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse.

    The Walt Disney coined the term edutainment back in 1948.
    After World War II, edutainment shifted towards television. The presence of edutainment is especially evident in children's television series, such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and Teletubbies. For older viewers, individual situation comedy episodes also occasionally serve as edutainment vehicles.

    There are many television programs that incorporate Entertainment-Education as well. The Sentinel Award, which is administered by the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication, the CDC and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is given each year to programs that address health and medical issues in their storylines. 2006's nominees/winners include:

    • Numb3rs - for a storyline about the shortage of organ donations.
    • Grey's Anatomy - for story lines about organ transplantation and cancer.
    • As the World Turns - for a breast cancer storyline that involved a major character.
    • The George Lopez Show - for a storyline about a kidney transplant.
    • Don Pedro's Diabetes - a telenovela about a major character's struggle with diet, exercise, and medication to control diabetes
    Educational entertainment - Wikipedia
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    The entire purpose of this High Definition television is to degrade the image of Black folks, both men and women, in this nation so that we become a non issue and a non people in the eyes of others and the eyes of our own impressionable youth.

    It is up to us, to sieze the media or shut it off enmasse.

    the white supremist corporate media is doing their job and doing it quite well!
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    I think those reality shows just a fluke and entertainment