Black Women : Black Women of the '70s vs. Black Women of today


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Feb 26, 2013
Fast food is a problem, yes, but eating at home isn't much better if what you're eating has no nutritional value. I know people who don't eat fast food all the time, but their pantry is filled with a lot of unhealthy stuff.

When eating at home, make sure you're getting in your veggies and fruits, but it doesn't have to be limited to that.


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Feb 26, 2013
3,117 terms of exercise methods, makeup usage, etc.

I'm very interested because I think some of the most beautiful black models/singers/etc. were popular during those times, and I'm interested in learning what they did that was so different to what we do today. That's not to say that many women of today are not beautiful. However, I'm more into "'70s beauty."

My mother was 17-18 in 1979, and she was (and still is) absolutely stunning. I asked her what she did that was so different to what women do today, and she told me that she wore barely any makeup. She was a cheerleader for 2-3 years in high school. She also said that her mother never let her eat fast food because eating at home was much more important than it is today.

Anyway, what other comparisons can you all make??

My grandma hardly wore make-up either. I follow suit.


Feb 15, 2007
Black women took better care of themselves as a whole period. They didn’t associate with white women on a social level. Then the devil stepped up his assault on the black man (mid 70s) and began to hire the black woman and place her in corporate America. This placement had a number of purposes: 1 to fulfill his chocolate fantasy. 2 to constantly fill her head with hatred for the black man. (They allowed her to make way more money than the black man then would talk about him to her) 3. The black woman had to transform her look to continue her employment. Perms began to destroy her hair. Makeup began to destroy her skin. Mentally she was torn. Slowly the transformation became the norm. Even the way she handled her children changed. This assault on her psyche gave birth to the Eve of the modern day monstrosity that some of our women of today are.

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