Black women cannot be stay at home MOM.

Discussion in 'Black Parenting' started by dustyelbow, Aug 6, 2007.

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    says this based on RESEARCH

    23] Amy Cuddy has been looking into whether white and African American mothers face the same biases. In short, no. In two studies, she emailed what was billed as a marketing questionnaire to a large national sample. In the first, allegedly an evaluation of a diaper ad, people were asked to rate the competence and warmth of a particular mother, who in the picture and caption was either white or black, working or staying at home. The white stay-at-home mom was evaluated most positively—and the black stay-at-home mom most negatively. In the second, people were asked how much should be spent on a Mother’s Day gift. The most expensive gift was recommended for the white stay-at-home mom—and the least expensive gift for the black stay-at-home mom. White mothers are, quite literally, valued most highly when they stay home, while black mothers are expected to work. That puts African American mothers in a double bind. In Correll’s hiring studies, African American mothers were graded just as poorly as white mothers, but were “offered” the lowest starting salaries. No wonder black women don’t show up in the moms-go-home stories.


    Thats the NATION at WORK.
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    Not surprised

    This doesn't surprise me at all. The father of my child asked me shortly after I had taken a fall when I was going to go get a job, my mother told me I of course had to work, and no one has ever suggested that I should have the "luxury" of being a stay at home mother. In fact, the discrepencies of what is expected of me, and what I see expected of other members of my family are quite pronounced. My mother's white physician told me I cannot be disabled (when I went for help with my sacrum and tailbone, cuz somedays it hurts drastically to walk or sit for too long).

    It wasn't an option she said, I have to work.... I have some rather unique feelings about all of this but they're too ungodly to express out loud.
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    while within the same studies stay at home mom's have the most hardest day with
    children that do at points bring depression and overwhelmingly stress they have a
    24/7 job and not a day off they are the care giver / provider and guider in these
    children lives , they work just as hard with hands of ten , doing more things at once.

    working vs at home has always been a tug-a-war for women
    our society will in fact view black moms differently then whites or any other race
    what has been found is how these different race of moms work yet the study still
    in the makings to why the society feel working is the best for moms then at home
    yet most blacks who are in struggling stages even good marriages both need to work
    to provide and keep home stead afloat, many white moms have options and choices .

    why is that ?