Black People : black women are beautiful but insecure...

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    there have been a few threads popping up about sisters looks.
    let me set it straight. black women are the most beautiful on the planet. period.
    black women are BORN with color. other women spend their lives seeking color.
    many other women want what sisters got (including the black man).

    ironically, sisters are also the most brainwashed and insecure about their attractiveness.

    this is no accident, it is the result of relentless pressure from the system of white supremacy.
    little black girls already prefer white dolls. black women are damaged psychologically at a young age in order to keep them victimized.

    there is a multi billion industry based on selling women stuff that they do not need.
    in order to sell women stuff that they do not need they have to first damage the women.
    they have to MAKE girls insecure. then they can sell them stuff. a SECURE woman knows that she does not need junk.

    that is the function of the white standard of beauty. make women feel insecure and then sell them stuff.

    it's just like making people addicts and then selling them drugs. it is the work of the devil.
    black women are the most naturally beautiful women. skin, hair, nose, lips, yet black women are the most insecure about their looks.
    black women have been damaged by the system of white supremacy, made to feel insecure. set up to buy junk.
    all a black woman needs is soap and water, maybe some skin moisturizer. keep her weight down. that's it.

    half the Asian economy in the city is selling dumb stuff to black women who are damaged. billions are reaped off our pain.

    all a black woman really needs is true self knowledge. when a sister truly knows herself for the queen that she is the nonsense stops.