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Feb 26, 2007
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Black Woman's Manifesto


Racism and capitalism have trampled the potential of black people in this country and thwarted their self-determination. Initially the physical characteristics of those of African descent were used to fit blacks into the lowest niche in the capitalist hierarchy - that of maintenance. Therefore, black women and men of today do not encourage division by extending physical characteristics to serve as a criterion for a social hierarchy. If the potential of the black woman is seen mainly as a supportive role for the black man, then the black woman becomes an object to be utilized by another human being. Her potential stagnates and she cannot begin to think in terms of self-determination for herself and all black people. It is not right that her existence should be validated only by the existence of the black man.

The black woman is demanding a new set of female definitions and a recognition of herself of a citizen, companion and confidant, not a matriarchal villian or a step stool baby-maker. Role integration advocates the complementary recognition of man and woman, not the competitive recognition of same.

Role integration encourages a broader mental and emotional growth in black women and men as they share the responsibility of working towards liberation. Neither of them should be relegated to a narrow experience in life. Neither of them should have their potentiality for self-determination controlled and predetermined by the opposite sex. That is a type of slavery that will not deliver us as a people. That is a form of bondage which is an integral part of the racist and capitalist system which black women and black men must work to oppose and overthrow.
(Gayle Lynch)

*Linda La Rue, The Black Movement and Women�s Liberation, The Black Scholar, Vol. I. May, 1970. p.42

What is your role to the black man and define the role of the black woman in the revolution.

For M.E., My role is to Compliment his Energy in order to that my role in the revolution MIRRORS his.

This complimentary relationship is demonstrated in the SHARING amongst WE...



My role as it relates to the Black Man first and formost is to be his eyes in the back of his head, to be his blanket when times and society is cold towards him...And what the Black Man should know his role is also...

Notice I did not say say have and rear babies...because that is both our jobs...It takes two to do this!

My role as a Black women in the to challenge the status quo within our own revolutionary missions. To point out dangers within and outside our collective movements. To give support when needed in ways I am able to do so.

My role as a Black Women is to be at every table of conversation that has our(the black women, child and man) so called best interest at heart. If I ask for anything less I am following blindly.....UNDERSTAND!

Applying gifts not gender.

I've yet to meet any group of womben who were all good at the same thing, or had the same potential to manifest particular qualities to the same ability.
As a person in the revolution, my role is to apply the gifts and talents I have to the highest good of all, period. I cannot dedicate myself to the service of one man alone, because in essence what may be good for him as an individual could collectively hurt the group. I cannot dedicate myself only to myself because there is no service and contribution in that. I don't believe my man can be all things to me, nor I to him. But what we can do, is use what we are given to create a network of community where together we are all thing to one another. :em0400:

What frustrates me, and makes me angry is dealing with preconceived notions of what I am about because of my sex. I am great at organizing, and seeing the big picture, better at it, than some men. I can make a great team leader with the ability and diplomacy to manage people and assign them to work that they enjoy and will perform well at. Yet, my experience with men 1:1 has not fostered that quality, or allowed it to shine as brightly as it could.

I study many subjects, and have excelled in some of the disciplines. There are of course those areas I still must commit to master. However, my balance is my truth that I have other areas where my interest is not inclined to perform well, or I do not apply myself. Either way, it really has
more to do with my individual wiring and Soul than my sex. What I'm good at is what I want to give; and where I'm weak, is where I'd like my man to balance off the equation.

Sometimes, I feel that men rely too much on the womban, and the amount of service she provides is ridiculous in proportion to what she receives. And because of the amount of dependence that is fostered, our men don't mature as quickly as they ought to. (I am only speaking for the environment of North America, as I have lived nowhere else and cannot speak from worldly experience)

I would like for more men to become adept at nurturing, listening, personal and environmental hygiene, nutrition, abstract concepts, patience, receiving directions from a womban or young person, emotional intelligence, positive confrontation, language, reading, inter-personal relationships and self-realization, intuition, and above all love.

I'd like to see more womben become adept at mathematics, land zoning and land resource management, mechanics and engineering, speaking without fear and facing positive confrontation to authority figures, taking time for their female friends, bonding and relying on others more, politics and diplomatic relations, and commerce and competition (not for the attention of men).

I don't care what color the man, if men are allowed to control the services that womben and children need to survive then this planet will continue to be in a state of emergency. I believe we must grow into seeing ourselves beyond the physical description and labels the matrix has expected us to fulfill. I also think that our private unions need to expand to encompass the connections we bring to one another. In this way we can begin internal self-reliance and remove ourselves from interaction with the systemic beast.

I would like for more men to become adept at nurturing, listening, personal and environmental hygiene, nutrition, abstract concepts, patience, receiving directions from a womban or young person, emotional intelligence, positive confrontation, language, reading, inter-personal relationships and self-realization, intuition, and above all love

i'm skilled in all of those areas, so what? all i ever get from sisters is a load of grief.


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