The Front Porch : Black Web Sites That Have Died

I appreciate you lifting my name to the VOODOO Gods.

Unfortunately you keep breaking our rules, cursing, etc., and I must say farewell.

Much Love and Peace.



:rofl: ... too funny

Black Hair Media..

That used to be my "Go To" for hair tips as well as the TTT (Talk Talk Talk) forum.

There was actually one african american forum member who tried to buy it from Russ, but i guess she couldn't outbid those asians.

I think it also had to do a lot with this clique that would flame people off.

Over time, that same gang began fighting amongst themselves. When that got old, it just petered out of existence..
WThere used to be a site called DaveyD’s Hip-Hop Corner. Well, it still exists...but back in the day of AOL, it had a chatroom. It was pretty cool. People enter the chatroom and would talk about hip-hop and rap music. They would also try to rap battle which was merely typing and entering in their rhymes into the chat. I miss that site and what it used to be.

There was another site with an mIRC chat room. similar to that but I can't remember. But that was a “great” place to get hacked.


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