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I call black planet "The Internet's Babylon"

On the mutual respect level, its a no no to diss other message boards here, bro...


I understand I apologize

It's true one cannot come here and vent their bad experience with another site, for long.

But ... saying what you did above Chaya Chaim ... is fine ... i mentioned them too in the opening post.

Thanks chuck for trying to help keep the house in order ... :love: ... but he was good this time ... :)

Thanks Chaya Chaim ... for your willingness to abide by our rules ... even those not quite ours ... :wink:

Loving Us!


Not even the old BVs?

Btw, the check should have arrived. Go to the post office

aaaaaawwwww Sister FaithSoulSistah ... Thank You Sooooo Much !!! :love:

It is really hard. If i weren't doing it, hadn't been doing it for so many years, i could say something different maybe ... but whew ... it's just not easy catering to our own people, and staying alive at the same time! This is a major area that we need to work on, supporting our own. If i hadn't witnessed myself, all these years, i might wanna cuss someone out, if they said some of the things i think on occasion, or have been told to me over the years. It's just hard.

We wonder why a Sister or Brother ultimately ends up catering to white folk, or working for them, or doing something that makes it appear as though they have "sold out" ... when all the time ... they were holding out as long as they could, ignoring the hunger in their own bellies, denying themselves, in hopes that our people would respond positively and lovingly in kind.

We want to fuss at the Sisters or Brothers like Oprah, or anyone in the media, that appears to be catering to white people, yet we won't even help the ones that we know are out here working for us. It's just got to stop. We've got to do better. We've got to give our children an incentive to work for us collectively. They have to know that they will be able to eat, and have a roof over their head, if they dedicate their life, to their own people. These are basic necessities, yet we will walk right by them ... encouraging them to continue, thanking them for a job well done, and never reaching in our pocket to help keep a light on, or deliver a page, or pay a bill, or do anything. Ohhh, but we'll talk about it all day and night. We'll talk about what needs to be done, but don't dare ask for help ... or you'll be marked with a scarlet letter.

It's just terrible. We've got to do better, and we can do better. If everyone does just a little bit, it can go such a long way.

Thank you Sister for being one of those willing to help financially. It means the world to me. Only God knows the sacrifice this has been, to keep alive, and i worry every single day, that this may be our last day. It's a krazee existence. I question my own sanity, making the choices i do.

We've got to make the talk, action. There's just no two ways about it.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Sister ... i am honored! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

You should be able to add an avatar, do everything! If not, let me know.

Much Love and Peace.



I feel your pain and share your disappointment, with those of us who don't support us! An Afrikan centered consciousness is the key to power! Integrationism taught black people to take pride in giving their money to non-blacks. And those of us who take issue with the practice are called "reverse racists". Lol But we are the only people in the world who do this. Every other people spend most if not all of their money with their own kind. Dr. Amos Wilson taught us that "your money follows your taste, your money follows your interests, your money follows your passions"! And where do we get our taste for cigarettes, beer, wine, liquor, and pork. Where do we get our interests in sports and entertainment? Our passion for gambling and casinos? And to whom do we give our money to satisfy these wants, because none of them are necessities. You guessed it. And until we adopt an Afrikan centered worldview, value system, and frame of reference, this situation you write about will continue to exist.


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