Chief Elder Osiris : Black Wanting To Be American Rather Than Be Afrikan

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    Hoteph My Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved have you ever stopped to think about the Black situation in relationship to wanting?

    Before the coming of the white man in our life, we operated on the thought of need and not want and to want something is not neccessarily what is needed and such put us in a begging position, you know, the position most common to a child.

    So I ask, what is the requirement to become an american? is it not a fact, in order to become an american, one has to deny allegiance to all else, in order to become an american? and is being an american, is to be white and eropean?

    Is not being an american, is to accept the values that america prescribe and must be subscribe to, and don't those values come out of the mind of the white european,and the principals that guide americans, are they not set forth by white europeans and is not americans, europeans first, and is not europeand Caucasians?

    So beloved, in order for Blacks to become an american, don't we have to subscribe to the values and principals that make america what it is, white and european?

    So when we refer to our Black afrikan self as being an american, what we are doing is indicating our wanting to be white and european.

    Is it not a fact, to be Black is to be Afrikan and to be white is to be european and to be Mongolian is to be asian and each Nationality has its own unique quality about itself, therefore preventing one to be that which it is not?

    So the question is asked, what is required to be an Afrikan and I say, to be Black, but to act Afrikan, require a thinking mentality that can not be duplicated by none other, even when tried.

    To be white and european is unique unto itself and the same apply to the other two Nationalities, Afrikan and asian,each carrying its own distinct coat of pigment.

    So the question, do you see caucasian running around wanting and claiming to be Afrikan, or the Mongolian wanting and claiming to be Afrikan?

    Even those who are of the other Race and now occupy Afrika, they do not want nor do they claim to be Afrikan, and those who might try to, can not dignify their claim by presenting that which qualify one to be Afrikan,the coat of their pigment.

    Yet here we are, the Black Afrikan, wanting and desiring to be an american and is willing to do what is required of us in order to be able to impersonate being an american.

    Is it a sign of innate guilt when we make claim to be Afrikan and american and can such be?

    Is it not a saying, you can not serve two masters at the same Time? and to try, you will end up loving one and hating the other and there is no strattling the fence, because to try, will make one to be repulsive?

    Does not such a claim apply to all who attemt to claim two identities, Nationality wise, which imply Race as well?

    Who can tell me with an honest thought, when you hear of the term european, you do not think of Race and that Race is Caucasian?

    Who can tell me with an honest thought, when you hear the term Afrikan or Afrika, you do not think of Race, the Black Race?

    Who can tell me with an honest thought, when you hear the term asian, you do not think of Race and that Race is Mongolian? I speak of the Primary Races here.

    So I ask the Black Woman and Man in america, is being Afrikan so deploriable to you to the point you rather fore go your true Nationality in exchange for impersonation of another? and that other being the Race that have demolished the pride and dignity of the Afrikan Nation, Black and not proud, which we have become.

    Wanting to be Black american, is the same of wanting to be white and such wanting serve as evidence of the hatred we have for Afrika and our Black Afrikan self.

    Beloved, such a state of mind, most surely sealed our fate of being an unappreciative, self depreciating, and Spiritual dead Race of people, who no longer love what God has so molded us into Being, and that is, Black, residing on this earth in a place now call Afrika, which make us naturally Afrikan and Afrika, our earthly original domicile.

    Blacks wanting to be american rather that be Afrikan, because to be Afrikan, require us to go and develop Afrika, as she originally was, when our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors was in charge and proud of their Black Afrikan self.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    The time has come for all true Black Afrikan, to begin preparation for a Black Afrikan Spiritual retreat.

    Beloved it is Time for us to get in touch with the God self of the Black Afrikan!!!

    To show an interest in the Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, which will be held in Arizona, at a date and Time to be announced in the near coming of Time, Contact the addresses below, with the exception of the Publishers.

    UP! UP! You mighty Race,You can accomplish what you will!!! ( GARVEY )

    Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! (OSIRIS )

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation.


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