Black People : Black Voters Get Too Little from Democratic Party

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by NNQueen, Jun 5, 2003.

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    I don't think we should let the anyone take our votes for granted. Also, Blacks vote primarily democrat but many have conservative views, especially when it comes to family.
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    Black American are conservative; but will not vote that way enmass because it is not conducive to our survival.
    The Democrats and the Republicans are not very different; I do not believe that either really want to see us progress... and even though we are getting kicked right up the butt, by both parties- and it is quite evident... as a matter of fact, I would love to see a large black insurgience into the Republican Party--- then I will sit back, and watch all of our white brethren march right on out-- just like they did when they were the Democrats.

    The Demos have taken us for granted because not only do we, but they too see themselves as "the lesser of two evils" and they very well may be...

    Until we be fair to us, no one, absolutely no one, is going to be fair to us--- And no, I don't care if I see one black face on capitol hill--- because they are all IMPOTENT... they all sell-out; and none of them are strong... or carry on what our foreparent's gave us--- name one! who did or who does... yes, and please admit this people--- JC Watts was able to garner some help for HBCU's and for some orgs.

    I consider myself a centrist--- there are things that I can take from both political parties--- I am a registered Independent

    A few months ago, I was on a month's long vacation, and was able to catch up on some tv--c-span, and I watched some programming on a christine network---CTN, I think, and I swear, I have never seen or heard such sychophancy of one man -- Pastor Glen Plummer.... such hatred for others... gays, poor blacks-- Pastor Glen plummer.... I swear to you that I am not making this up or anything, I swear on my life--- and each and everyday, for at least 2 weeks this guy said, "I prayed with President Bush, he is a god-fearing man, I love him,..."
    I'm not saying that he shouldn't love the "Pres." and I will not judge whether or not Bush is god-fearing.... but I question it...

    I said all that to say, "We bamboozle ourselves...." Yes, Bush said let's help the HBCU's,... let's give them more money....
    "Yeah, and last week it was another story..."

    Look let's use our heads here--- whatever political affiliation we espouse.... our strength is in our capacity to help ourselves and each other... and if present political and social climate doesn't convince you--- nothing will.
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    Considering the state of affairs, I'd like to highlight this thread to pose a question to the political here.

    If results are the goal, why are republican AAs seen as a traitors?

    History proves that Republicans first supported slave rights while the Democrats opposed it. Even relatively modern history reveals such divisive lines when Al Gore Sr's voting record was called into question as a weapon against his son, the former VP.

    To me, what should have sounded like an explosion went off instead without so much as stir. Maybe that is a conservative opinion. At the time I did not frequent disussion forums.

    My personal observation is that Democrats promise a good show, but the actors never seem to show up. When we get down to specifics, the African American is still plauged by the same problems Democrats have been promising to fix for decades. But the majority of blacks, and this includes so called intellectual blacks, remain staunchly Democrat. As if on principle.

    In a moral perspective, the democrats seem to promote finger pointing and excusing oneself from one's responsibility with their welfare policies whereas Republicans appear to be opposite.

    I was a registered Republican with moderately conservative views with only a single vote to my name: George Bush Jr. Gore as president frightened me enough to vote against him.

    So why Democrat you intellectuals? 'The proof is in the pudding' it is said. Anyone mindpointing it out to me?