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May 16, 2002
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Staying Alive
The Devil Came Down to Georgia
{Watch the 9 min video and the story below if you really want to know what happened in ATL}
tramp chose Atlanta, the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, to kick off his “Black Voices for Trump” launch at the Georgia World Congress Center.
...“We asked the people inside ‘Where are you from?’ and were told North Carolina, New York, Chicago, Montana, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, and other places. They were bused in from across the United States for this event,” Christopher Mungin said.
The Secret Service pulled Mungin out of the line and questioned him and wanted to know if he was going to throw a shoe or anything like that. He said no and was allowed to get back in line but at the last security point, ten officers came and said, “You have been uninvited.”
“I thought that weird because this was for Black voters and I’m a Black voter and now I’m uninvited,” Mungin told Streets of Atlanta.
...The “Black Voices for Trump” campaign is beginning to look like one of Trump’s scams to make people believe what is not true – that a lot of Black people support him when they don’t.
Nationwide only 8 percent of Black people voted for Trump in 2016. A recent poll by the Associated Press-Center for Public Affairs Research showed that only 4 percent of African Americans believe Trump’s policies have benefited Black people.
A Black Trump supporter tells the Streets of Atlanta, “I support Trump because of his policies. The policies he has passed are based on Christian values, to make sure our nation remains the nation it was founded upon.”
“Was it Christian values when Trump ripped babies and children away from their mothers at the Southern border and put them in cages?” I questioned.
“That was Obama’s policy and now he [Trump] wants that 5 billion so we can change that policy and take them [children] out of cages,” my name is Georgia’s First Black Governor from the Wake Bake and Coffee morning show, he said.
He refused to accept the fact that Trump ripped thousands of children away from their parents and put them in detention centers. I felt like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole to a strange world where Trump’s lies are the truth, and facts are lies.
Speaking of lies, Trump has so far told 13,435 lies, false or misleading statements, according to Fact Checker’s database that analyzes and tracks every suspect statement he has uttered.
The Street Protest
With only a few day’s notice, several hundred people turned up to tell Trump that he is not welcome in Atlanta and to enthusiastically support the impeachment of Trump.
They carried signs that read “The Devil Came Down to Georgia,” “Trump, Lying, Racist, Corrupt, Gangster,” “45 is a Racist,” “Impeach Trump,” “Lock Him Up for High Crimes and Treason,” and “Stop the Hate.”
The protesters oppose Trump’s policies on everything from health care, immigration, gun control, civil rights, women’s rights, to the environment.

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